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The Monday Burger Deals List And A Few Others
By Aug 24, 2015 Dining
Burger deals -- can't stop won't stop. This has been a Monday institution in Shanghai for many years now, and we just called up and got the latest info. Here's most of the places slangin' buy-one-get-one burgers and other deals on dead cow flesh on Mondays and the rest of the week.

Starting with the Monday deals, cocktail lounge Cu2 has a full meal for 88rmb from 6-10pm. That includes a burger, fries, and a cocktail or beer. They're some of the best burgers in town, probably because they're made with steak trimmings from CU2's sister restaurants T For Thai and CUIVRE.

Beef & Liberty does a buy-one-get-one free burger deal for their Monday nights. It starts at 3pm and goes until they close. These burgers start at 70rmb, but you’re better off grabbing a more expensive one with this deal. It's an alright burger, but the drinks are solid, especially the lemonade.

All the Blue Frogs in town are also doing a buy-one-get-one free on Mondays. Burgers start at 78rmb. Good one to combo with their buy-one-get-one free happy hour that goes from 4-8pm. This one has been around forever, and it's consistently decent when you're paying 40rmb.

Over on Yongkang Lu, Sliders has a triple threat with three mini-burgers for 60rmb. They’ve also got a 45rmb 473ml IPA deal.

Southern Belle on Changle Lu has updated their Monday night burger deal. Unfortunately, they've gotten rid of the 50rmb burger / beer / side combo, and it’s now 20% off on burgers that start at 80rmb. The reason for the change? "We weren't making any money. We were losing money". The's decent. The 50rmb plate was really the selling point. This one goes from 6-10pm.

In the same neighborhood, Bistro Burger has a 25% discount on a selected Monday night burger that changes from week to week. Super reliable burger. This one goes from 7-9pm.

Out on Laowai Jie 101, Fat Cow has buy-one-get-one burgers from 5-10pm. Heard good things about those.

Sports bar / business bro spot Big Bamboo does a Monday burger special that includes a free drink. Burgers start at 60rmb at all three of their locations. This one seems to vary a bit from location to location and you might also get salad at soup at a couple of them.

And here's a few non-Monday deals...

On Tuesdays, Rachel’s has a buy-one-get-one free deal for their burgers that start at 60rmb. That includes the 200g beef Rachel Deluxe that goes for 110rmb. Deal is good from 11.30am–10pm. As for the burger, it's a divisive one. Check out our review -- especially the comments section.

Wine bar Must Grill has a Tuesday buy-one-get-one deal on their burgers. You can get a second burger of equal or less value for free. Comes with fries or grilled veggies. Goes from 6-10.30pm.

Shanghai Brewery on Hengshan Lu also has a buy-one-get-one free deal for Tuesday nights from 5-11pm. It's a decent burger and they've got a pretty good happy hour too before 8pm.

In addition to their Monday deal, Bistro Burger also has a Wednesday one that’s a bit better -- they throw in a free milkshake with the purchase of a burger. That is a proper milkshake; none of that ice-cubes-and-powder bullshit you might find at your average corner restaurant.

Sundays, Masse has a burger special that used to be on Mondays. It’s a burger and a mug of draft beer for 100rmb. Ummm...pretty sure that's just the "what it should cost" deal, but you gotta love this Canadian spot. Starts at 5pm and goes until close. They also show a movie on Sunday nights.

The Apartment also has a Sunday burger special from 6-10pm. It’s 50rmb for a burger and you can also grab their buy-one-get-one free deal on drinks during their happy hour from 2-10pm.

That’s all for burgers. We’ll keep you updated with more deals as they come in over on our deals page.


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