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F&B Crumbs: The Wheel Turns, a New Cycle Begins
By Jan 10, 2019 Dining
As the Festive Season dust settles onto the tear-streaked cheeks of Shanghai's harried F&B industry, we've already got the first batch of casualties and newcomers for 2019! The Beaver, Chez Jefke, the Carl's Jr. in Inpoint Mall (why God) and Myst, gone. Vanished. But it's not so bad! Kagen and Specters have reopened, there's a new Pistolera, and that stretch across from Avocado Lady is slowly coming back.


Pour one out for The Beaver, one of the finer establishments (with regards to bottle selection and pub grub at least) on Yueyang Lu, which shut down over the break.

Chez Jefke also shut down, the... third? Fourth? Casualty? in Found 158, which is actually a decent track record. Sadly, it just didn't seem to find its niche down there in the sunken city.

If you found yourself dragging your feet towards the Carl's Jr. on Wujiang Lu after New Year with a headache, you'll have been disappointed because the entirety of Inpoint Mall has disappeared behind hoarding. The whole thing! But the logo's still visible. So look forward to whatever that rebranding effort turns into.

The Donghu Lu shutdown has finally, finally, finally actually shut, so we can stop talking about it forever. D.O.C. (set to reopen in the near-future on Dagu Lu), Pirata (now open at Columbia Circle), Sasha's and Zapata's (not sure what'll happen there). RIP.

Mamma Mia on Huaihai Zhong Lu closed down. Luckily for people around IAPM, it's opened up a new spot in the More Than Eat complex instead.

Myst in Hong Kong Plaza has closed down. Goodnight, that storied nightlife destination. Remember when it was M2? It was! Nevermind, a new Myst will be reopening somewhere on Yili Lu when they've got the paperwork in place.

Bar Rouge closed for temporary renovations. They'll be open sometime before CNY if everything goes well, which it rarely does when construction work is involved.


The stretch of Wulumuqi Lu just across from the Avocado Lady is slowly coming back to life. Hidden Track, for example, is a muted but pretty cafe that's doing buy-one-get-one coffees for their soft opening until January 21. Incoming in the near future is a poke place, to replace the poke place that was already there.

Specters. Bigger. Boothier. Booze remains cheap, music remains Specters. They mix a mean Sazerac, and they'll be super jazzed if you ask them to.

Beloved teppanyaki spot Kagen has made the shift to the bustling Fumin/Xinle/Donghu Lu intersection, opening up in that nook where Chin Chin used to be.

Pistolera opened up a spot a little closer to downtown, taking over the second floor of Nanyang Lu's Blind Pig.

Rye&Co, the latest thing from the people behind Nest and Cannery, has popped up in soft opening over the South Huangpi Road station. A two-story affair, bakery downstairs, lounge upstairs looking to introduce Shanghai to "smushi," ie. smorrebrod and sushi, which is an actual thing, and not just a word we made up.

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