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We See You: Michelin Guide Inspectors In Town, This Is Where They've Been
By Jul 11, 2019 Dining


It may be a book I despise as much as Trump: The Art of The Deal, but there's no denying The Michelin Guide's influence on restaurants. (Way too much influence, I would argue.) In order to assign all those heavy stars, they have to tour the city every so often, eating and judging their way around town. Which they are doing right now! Where are they and how do I know?

First, a short list of where — they are, no doubt, at many more places than the ones below.

But, if you've been following their social media account (wtf are "secret inspectors" doing on social media anyways), you'd see these are a few of the places they've been: Shanghai Tavern (they loved the cherry chiffon cake); Mr & Mrs Bund (they had a delicious pissaladiere); Shang-High at the Jumeirah Himalayas ("deliciously rich sauces — a hallmark of Shanghainese cooking"); one of the Jesse restaurants (for the fish head); Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire ("French food/subtle Shanghainese influences"); Moose (for Huaiyang cuisine); and Fu He Hui ("China meets Japan").

So how do I know. Twitter. The Michelin Guide is now on Twitter and announcing their return to Shanghai "for a couple of weeks". Unless it's all part of a clever ruse, and they're actually posting these tweets a month or two after the fact, trying to throw everyone off, it seems a weird approach for the red book, which is famously made in secret. No selfies from the inspectors — yet — so everyone's a suspect.

Who will they make? Who will they break? When will they go to Found 158? The mystery! Next year's guide will likely be out in September, if previous years are anything to go on. Eleme, three stars!



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  • 13 days ago gabyu

    An article on Michelin inspectors and no mention of The Wing or the Thigh film? I must say I'm surprised.

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