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Announced: JZ Festival [and Club] to Return in October

By Aug 2, 2016 Music


China’s biggest jazz-and-then-some festival, JZ Festival, returns to yonder Expo Park October 15 and October 16, 2016, for two days of local, national, international, and galactic artists performing on five stages. They’re parcelling out the headliner acts, yesterday releasing the information that elite jazz trumpeter, six-time Grammy winner, and former Frank Zappa band member Randy Brecker will be performing.

Jazz hands!

Tickets are now on sale right here. They’re 260rmb pre-sale per day versus 350rmb at the gate. No charge for kids under 1.3m.

More info on what they’ve got planned so far after the jump.


A highlight of the year in Shanghai, even if jazz music isn’t your great passion, the JZ Festival is now in it’s 11th year and has previously hosted in top notch musicians from all over the world: Joss Stone, John Scofield, Bootsy Collins, Earth, Wind and Fire, Pat Metheny, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Tower of Power, Roy Ayers, and more.

A few of the non-music related stuff they’ve got going on this year: "Children’s Paradise, Drama Valley, Fashion Camp, Whiskey Island, Cocktail Hut, Outdoor Cinema, and Marching Band."

Whiskey Island! So basically you’re dropping the kids off at Children’s Paradise and making all possible haste to Whiskey Island. That’s how you’re going to be playing this thing.

Bigger than ever, they’ve got five stages of music including a Harbor Stage on the banks of the Huangpu and a “Jazz Dimension” stage, which will purportedly be “a combination of jazz and anime culture.”

A humble suggestion for next year: a “Jazz Thunderdome” stage, in which seasoned jazz veterans are locked into an electrified cage to do battle to the death with tridents, chainsaws, and grenades. Imagine!

3.45pm @ Jazz Thunderdome Stage: Chick Corea Vs. Herbie Hancock. Weapons: Swords Doused in Gasoline and Flamethrowers

Make it happen, JZ!

To Recap: JZ Festival. Bigger and more wonderful than ever. October 15 and October 16. Randy Brecker confirmed and more on the way. 260rmb pre-sale tickets per day, available right here.

BONUS ROUND JZ News: After shuttering their storied Fuxing Lu venue a few months back, the new JZ Club is slated for an October reopening at a new venue located in the Da Tong Mill. (Not "mall", mill.)

Watch this space for further developments. (Well, not this space... like the website or whatever. You know what I mean.)



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