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Chinese Alt Rock God Xie Tian Xiao, a Modern Sky CD Release, Russian Electro Rock, More

By Aug 2, 2016 Music


Welcome to August, fellow rock comrades. Yes, it's true, even me I'd rather be visiting friends and family back home or even finding my true inner self backpacking through the wilds of Myanmar, but we're trapped here so let's make the best of it.

No heavy hitters passing through town this week, but there's still a fair amount of action on local stages worth checking out. Let's grab a Lawson's road rocket and hit the streets.


Octopuss & Xie Tian Xiao

Wednseday, August 3 @ Yuyintang

Wednesday night down at Yuyintang features Italian rock band Octopuss, joined by some Beijing rock royalty in the person of Xie Tian Xiao. Octopuss toured China last year and I guess they made some friends with their brand of '70s classic rock-meets-Red Hot Chili Pepper funk. They're back for round duex. (That's Italian, right?) You might know the bass player Garrincha from his former band Le Vibrazioni. What, you don't follow the Italian rock charts? Those guys sold half a million albums under their Sony Italy label. Fast forward to the present, Octopuss recently won the Italian edition of the "Jack Daniel's Challenge for Rock TV" show.

Which is... yeah, alright, kudos!

The big surprise on this gig is the guest act Xie Tian Xiao. This brooding vocalist is one of China's longest running and most famous alt rock stars. Originally from Shandong, Xie Tian Xiao was one of the first to start smashing his guitars on stage in the '90s and still has a huge fan base of local leather pants enthusiasts. It's a rare and huge deal for him to be playing in town and this show is not cheap at 150rmb from the door. However, you can get 100rmb pre-sale tickets here if your Chinese skills are on point. You better do that if you want to go. This will sell out. Giddyup.

Octopuss - Live

Cha Liang Fen

Friday, August @ On Stage

If you're in the mood for some bubble gum pop rock then look no further than Friday's Cha Liang Fen show at On Stage. These kids have a new album out on Modern Sky and the CD will be available at the show. The five-piece group are super sweet kids that have hit the festival circuit the past year. Throughout August, they are on a 12-city tour across China in support of the new album. Friday's show costs 80rmb at the door and gets going at 8:30pm. While it doesn't seem there is an official video for their big hit "Girls Love Girls" there is this... Enjoy.

Cha Liang Fen - "Girls Love Girls"

Daybreak, Edited Ark, Shake Down, and Fighting Back

Saturday, August @ inferno

Solid showcase of up-and-coming local hard rock and metal down at Inferno on Saturday. Really curious to check out Edited Ark whom are a two-piece band that just started playing around Shanghai. One half is the drummer Devin formerly of Boys Climbing Ropes and the other is guitarist Morten of Pirate Panties, which is a real deep cut for the Shanghai lifers out there. A mixture of hard banging indie rock drums with metal riffs layered on top? Sign me up. Also on the bill are local Chinese metal heads Shake Down, hard rock kids Day Break, and Fighting Back. This show is free entry and should be a decent number of local kids. Good one, Inferno.


Sunday, August 7 @ On Stage

For a little Sunday night session head on down to On Stage for the Russian electro rock act StarCardigan. These four boys from Vladivostok play a synth based set with live electronic drums that leans towards dream pop with moments of high energy rock. Really Scissor Sisters-ey. StarCardigan have a pretty tight set and have played some big shows like the Tesla Music Festival so if your looking for interesting Sunday night this one should be solid. Show starts at 9pm and is 60rmb at the door.

Starcardigan - "Electrosemafour"

Let's all drink watermelon vodka and toast to Russia!



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