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Wang Wen, Demerit, and a Full Day of Shanghai Dad Rock

By May 30, 2016 Music


Shanghai isn't messing around this week in the live gigs department. All across town we got solid shows in almost every genre. Well, except I can't find a Crunkcore show to save my life in this damn town, but I guess you can't have everything.

What's that they say? You can't always get want you want? But if you try sometimes, you might find...

*** get what ya need.


Wednesday, June 1 @ Yuyintang

Get down on a solid mid-week show in the form of Japanese instrumental metal group, OVUM. These four accomplished musicians have been rocking together for over 10 years, but they weren't always laying down that sweet instrumental metal style. On a 2014 European tour, the band fed on the ample bounty of numerous metal groups that populate Scandinavia and satellite countries, and decided to switch over to the devil’s own rock subgenre themselves. OVUM are one of those bands that relentlessly tour with hundreds of shows under their belt, every year across the years. With such dedication to their craft you can bet these Japanese instrumental bros throw down a mean live set. This one will run you 90rmb and start early at 9pm so don't linger to long at that shabu shabu hot pot before the show.

OVUM – "Nostalgia"


Friday, June 3 @ Yuyintang

O.G. Beijing punk band, Demerit stop by Yuyintang on tour celebrating 13 years of neck tattoos and bullet belts. Demerit plays classic "street" punk rock in the vein of Rancid and The Clash, with a bit of that Chinese nihilism thrown in just for fun. Lately, these days, they've also been exploring a serious affection for '80s metal a la Iron Maiden and Motorhead. Expect a harder, metal-influenced punk sound from them at Friday's show. Over the past 13 years, the band has released a number of CDs and vinyl records on labels such as Maybe Mars and Genjing Records. They have also toured the world and played popular festivals like the Vans Warped Tour in America. They just got back a few weeks ago, in fact, from a huge European tour.

Lace up those Doc Martins and pay homage to one of China's greats this Friday at Yuyintang. The show starts at 9pm and is 70rmb at the door or 50rmb for pre-sale available here here.

They don't really play this one anymore but still -- an oldie but a goodie.

Demerit - "Beijing is Not My Home"

Wang Wen

Friday, June 3 @ MAO Livehouse

If blazing Chinese punk rock is not your bag, then Friday you might want to check out the Middle Kingdom's most revered post rock band, Wang Wen instead. Touring in support of their ninth studio album entitled, Sweet Home, Go!, this robust, six-song masterpiece was three years in the making and produced by the infamous Wouter and Lode. Wang Wen hail from Dalian where they can be found gazing onto the sea in search of inspiration for their melancholy instrumental compositions. And drinking loads and loads of beer. The latest album hosts a plethora of instruments, including cello, trumpet, and grand piano on top of their standard guitar-and-drums setup. Hopefully, they will bring along that cello player for their touring show. Last month, they ventured into the Himalayan mountains and played a concert with Nepal post rock outfit Chappal. Friday's show will most likely sell out so jump on these 100rmb SmartShanghai pre-sale tickets here.

Wang Wen - "Sky of Dalian"

Parachutes on Fire, Lifeline, Round Eye, Molemen, Gooooose, and Capoeira Mandingo

Sunday, June 5 @ Yuyintang

Yet another Shanghai legend says goodbye as rock n’ roll god, Adam Crossley packs up his guitar for the greener (wetter) pastures of Bangladesh. To celebrate Crossley’s departure his band, Parachutes On Fire will play their final show during a daytime jamboree of live music, food, and crunchy vibes. Crossley has been a staple in the Shanghai music scene since before there was a Perry's to drown your sorrows in or a Carl's Junior to get your criss-cut fries fix. Joining in on the all-day festival of dad rocking riffs are Shanghai bands, Lifeline, Round Eye, Gooooose, Molemen, and Capoeira Mandingo. Delicious pies will be served up from Jane of Pie Society and DJ BO will with scratching over Woody Guthrie tracks between bands. All this for a mere 50rmb at the door. Bring your frisbee or hacky sack to chill in Yuyintang park, as this daytime gig starts at 2pm and goes until 8pm. Parachutes on Fire have put together a special parting video for their song, "Pan Am Flight 559". Check it out right now!

Parachutes on Fire - "Pan Am Flight 559"

That’s all she wrote, Shanghai. Get ‘er done.



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