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Gobi Desert "Burning Man" is Sponsored by Coca Cola

By Jul 30, 2019 Music


Here’s a little weirdness from the music festival scene. Someone has managed to throw together a Burning Man knock-off in the Gobi Desert next week, investing 10 million rmb and somehow roping in World of Warcraft and the government of Inner Mongolia. Coca Cola is a sponsor.

According to the press materials, the founder, an ex-advertising executive, originally wanted to launch the Chinese Burning Man, even traveling to San Francisco to speak to the organizers about exclusively representing them here. They don’t share the end to that story, and the event is called “Gobi Heaven,” so we can guess how the conversation turned out. He has also convinced the Inner Mongolia Department of Culture to officially support the thing. Probably not a hard sell — there's only so much you can do with a desert.

The line up includes a few local highlights like Black Panther (黑豹) and Reflector (反光镜), and a bunch of less interesting bands and DJs. The organizers promise to keep the music going 24/7 for five days straight, so they're padding the list out a bit. Similar to the Burning Man set-up, you'll need to figure out your own camping situation and food supply, but expect to see theme camps sponsored by different companies. They’re charging people 2,800rmb to camp out at the five-day event from August 7 to 11, surrounded by installations “curated” by the local government and big brands like Coca Cola and, yes, World of Warcraft. Raving for the Horde. Tickets are... not on SmartTicket. Google it. How long until the next Dragon Burn?


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  • 3 months ago ryry

    from the above article this sounds like an utter train wreck. it's what...nearly times the cost of Dragon Burn and without any of the soul? No thanks.

  • 3 months ago ryry

    *ten times the cost of Dragon Burn? My oh my

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