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Here They Are Now, Entertainers: Grunge Festival, Inferno Anniversary, Protest the Hero

By May 3, 2016 Music


Don't sleep, don't sleep, Shanghai, there's more live music goodness coming your way this week. The trains run on time and so do I. Presenting, like clockwork, Sacco's sure-fire, can't-lose concert recommendations for all you kids out there in radioland.

These are all stone cold LOCKS.


Protest the Hero

Wednesday, May 4th @ Yuyintang

Big one for the screamo / emo kids. One of the biggest names in Canadian metal Protest the Hero is in town on Wednesday playing Yuyintang Live House. The Ontario outfit is known for their technically inclined progressive / metalcore style and their intense stage performances.

Hey, just once I'd like to see a metal band that actually advertises the non-intensity of their live shows.

"We're kinda tame, performance-wise. Whatever. We got work in the morning. What else you got for Wednesday?"

Let's have a little honesty in our metal, right?

Anyway. Protest the Hero. Recently, the band has switched their album release format to a subscription-based model in which you pay a yearly rate to listen to their new tracks. (Does that work? Hmmm.) If you missed them at last weekend's MiDi Festival, then don't miss them at an unusually small venue for them at Yuyintang. Show starts at 9pm sharp and the door fee will run you 200rmb. Ouch. Protest the cover, right folks?

Taste it.

Protest the Hero – Bloodmeat

Spill Your Guts, Negacy, TMOOS, and Hitobashire

Friday, May 6th @ Inferno

Friday is the mighty Inferno's five-year anniversary party and they're getting four bands out to puncture your damn ear drums. Inferno has had her ups and downs for the past five years, but it looks like the old girl is here to stay. She's got legs. And she knows how to use them. Congrats, heshers.

Friday's roster is a mixture of metal and hardcore with Shanghai 21 Hardcore favorites Spill Your Guts, metal act The Machinery of Other Skeletons, Hitobashire, and Negacy. I believe both TMOOS and Spill Your Guts have gone through personnel changes recently so this will be a good chance to check the new sets and partake in that favorite punk / metal pastime: complaining that you liked the old line-up better. Expect a large selection of Shanghai’s expat rock community representing. Asahi drafts will run ya 30rmb all night and there is no cover fee. Satan wins. Keep your pants on, Chachy.

TMOOS - Chug

Cars Cars Cars, MeGuanMe, YuHaiWei, Prank, and Dirty Fingers

Saturday, May 7th @ MAO

The self-billed “3rd Annual Chinese Grunge Alliance Indoor Music Festival” arrives to Mao Livehouse on Saturday. What, you thought Grunge was dead? Well, promotion group Wake-Up Music begs to differ. The event description starts out with the statement, "They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same". You get that from Cobain's diaries? So serial Wake-Up Music, so serial. So grungy.

Despite the questionable tag line and less than pro flyer, this show is a good chance to check out five up-and-coming China-based rock bands, including MEGUANME, Cars Cars Cars, Prank, YuHaiWei, Dirty Fingers. I'm pretty interested to check out the girl / boy duo Cars Cars Cars to see their brand of garage rock-a-billy infusion live. But all the bands have something unique to offer on this one, so put down that razor blade, muster up that teenage angst, and head down to MAO Livehouse Saturday. At an 80rmb door charge, this show is a steal.

Cars Cars Cars - Live

Rock 'n' roll hoochie cooo.



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