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JZ Fest Tickets Update: Saturday Is Sold Out; Sunday Available Till 4pm
By Oct 12, 2017 Music
Jazz hands! Skiddle-be-bap! Okay. So. Here's the latest on the JZ Festival tickets for people who haven't secured theirs yet. For the two-day event, tickets are for the Saturday and then the Sunday separately. You can't buy a two-day pass. For the Saturday, the tickets are currently sold out.


There are still tickets available for the Sunday -- handily available, in fact, right here -- but they will be closed today at 4pm. Act now to get your Sunday tickets. So that's it for pre-sale tickets.

What about door tickets? We're in touch with the promoters and they haven't released yet whether any will be available. They don't know.

Yeah... uh...

Festival organizers told us that they'll know at the end of the day today whether door tickets for the Saturday (and the Sunday) will become available. We will update this post when we hear back from them.

How can a huge venue like the Expo Park sell out? You ask, furtively, wringing your hands. Festivals get licensed for a certain amount of attendees. Not what the whole park can hold. So, it looks like on the Saturday, they've reached their limit. Again, we'll let you know if this changes.

But yeah: Get those Sunday tickets if you want to go. Before 4pm. TODAY. (Thursday.) As Kool says get down on it. (Unfortunately, he plays Saturday.)

Here's the festival line-up.


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