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Live Music Guide: Sunflower Bean, Italian Hardcore, and More

By Aug 15, 2016 Music


What a time to be alive. What a weekend to be out and about. The music scene in China has been blowing up lately with new groups forming every month and respected groups re-inventing themselves. Last Friday's Duck Fight Goose album release showcased the band's new direction along with upping the game for visuals at a rock concert. That show was pretty packed, whereas across town much-loved Japanese garage rock band Guitar Wolf played to noticeably low attendance. Score one for the home team.

That Of Montreal show was pretty busy for a Sunday night, with the group playing nearly two hours of "pure dopamine" and transitioning seamlessly between older-cuts, and newer, trap-ier productions, along with multiple outfit changes and "neo-glam baroqueness", according to one attendee. This week, Shanghai has another big selection of rock shows from both local and touring acts. Here are our suggested few.


Sunflower Bean

Wednesday, August 17 @ Yuyintang

Holy hipster band, Batman, we've got a live one here with Brooklyn-based three-piece Sunflower Bean hitting the Yuyintang stage for a Wednesday show. This one's hosted by Split Works, who have a big ol' festival festival coming up in September. The band hearkens back to a simpler time when indie rock was just a introverted manic pixie dream girl alongside a young Bob Dylan look-alike boy singing with their hearts on their sleeves. Bring a date for this one because it's going to be make-out city in Shanghai afterwards. (Although maybe go dutch because this show is 160rmb at the door.)

Sunflower Bean - "Human Ceremony"


Wednesday, August 17 @ MAO

Also on Wednesday night, if your looking for something a littler harder, or let's be honest, a lot damn harder, Crossfaith should fit the bill. This Japanese band has been tearing up genre boundaries for the past 10 years infusing electronic drums on top of metalcore riffs. Hey, they must have a huge following for some reason. You can get 360rmb pre-sale tickets here.

Crossfaith - "Xeno"


Friday, August 19 @ Inferno

Touring band Alfatec hits Inferno on Friday. Since their first demo CD "Shouts from the Cradle" followed by the 7" release of "Brainphobia" this Italian hardcore outfit has been rocking across Europe with regular touring. Now Alfatec is trying their luck peddling that punk rock across Asia. They will be joined by local metalcore band Pray for Awakening. All in all, should be good fun. With that 80rmb door fee you'll get one (1) drink ticket and the show starts at 10pm.

Alfatec - "Brainphobia"

Soft, City Flanker, broken little sister, Yukino Chaos, The White Tulips

Saturday, August 20 @ Yuyintang

Nice Saturday Shoegaze show down at Yuyintang with three Japanese bands accompanied by three from China. White Tulips are in town representing Xiamen which has a growing live music scene. City Flanker are from Shaoxing and are representing the LuuvLabel. Soft is a newer band from Shanghai that I've been wanting to check out for past few months now. Then you have Kill My 27, Yukino Chaos, and broken little sister from Japan. All these bands for 180rmb at the door? Not too bloody valentine bad (yeah, I there went). Gets going early at 8pm.

broken little sister - "Silence"

Kill My 27 - "Debussy"

Yukino Chaos - "Silence"

City Flanker - "Through the Door"

The White Tulips - "Empty Shell"

Man. if we have this many solid shows in August (usually, a dead zone) then September is going to be off the damn two chains.



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