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Live Music Guide: Bravery in Battle, Bedstars, Kurt Vile

By Oct 10, 2016 Music


This week we got Matador's Kurt Vile, Beijing's Bedstars, Yunnan's South Acid MiMi Dance Team, French Post Rock, American Hardcore, and more!

How you feeling, Shanghai?


I'm guessing you used that October week off to really better yourself, right? Hopefully, that experimental yoga retreat has you all centered. I'm sure backpacking through Guizhou got those creative juices really flowing enough for you to take another crack at writing that novel. Or did you just drink the days away like tomorrow would never come and those two seasons of Rick & Morty would never end? Either way, no rest for the wicked. Let's get into some rock n' roll... or some acid psych, or shoegaze, or whatever....

Bravery in Battle

Wednesday, October 12 @ Yuyintang

Nice mid-week booking in the form of French post-rock outfit Bravery in Battle. Alright, if the work week started on Saturday then this Wednesday should technically feel like Friday right? Except for that you still have two more days of the grind, so that story doesn't check out. On first listen Bravery in Battle lands on the more legit side of the post-rock barometer. Not taking the easy way out with digital samples, the group hired a full string and horn section to accompany their already impressive keyboard-plus-guitar setup. They even threw in a damn Glockenspiel. My only warning on this show is that Bravery in Battle is possibly a front for a cult. With song titles such as "We All Died But Some of Us Came Back" and the inspirational quotes from their website, I'm afraid we will all be drinking that post-rock purple Kool-Ade by nights end. Oh well, my life could use direction. Show starts early at 8:30pm and will run you 80rmb and one soul at the door.

Bravery in Battle - "It Takes Many Trees To Start A Fire"

Bedstars, South Acid MiMi Dance Team, Round Eye, & Dirty Fingers

Friday, October 14 @ Yuyintang

This show is the definition of dangerous. Coming at us from the north are Beijing's Bedstars, playing that classic shit punk rock n' roll a la The Heartbreakers. Self described as drunk, outmoded, outdated, and boring, the band had a big ole album release last year on Maybe Mars Records. Then reaching around from the south, we've got South Acid MiMi Dance Team out of Yunnan gracing the YYT stage. From the mean streets of Kunming, this all-girl group started playing Bikini Kill and Atari Teenage Riot covers while still in high school, and their sound has been evolving ever since. Drum machines, synths, guitars, and lots of effects are what these girls are into and their newest material seems to be getting even darker with a hint of shoegaze thrown in. Coming around the bend on Friday's gig line-up are local expat power pop gods Round Eye. Fresh off their tour with The Fleshtones, a little bird told me Round Eye is organizing a mother flippin' Mike Watt China tour soon! That will be sick. For a dash of Shanghai punk rock Dirty Fingers will get the night started. This show is just pure evil. We got 80rmb at the door or 60rmb pre-sale, and things rocking around 9pm.

South Acid Mimi Dance Team - Live @ MAO


The Bedstars - "Dinosaur Rider"

Kurt Vile

Friday, October 14 @ QSW

Friday also has a huge indie rock show with Kurt Vile playing QSW. That's a pickle. This concert is brought to you by Split Works who just put on the Concrete & Grass festival last month. Good job on that, kids. Kurt Vile is a solid booking, so expect people to come out of the woodwork for this one. Remember that guy you used to see at shows but moved to Pudong last year? He'll be there. Vile's accompanied by his backing band The Violators, and you know their blend of psych folk and lo-fi productions have been breaking hippie hearts all of the world since they signed the the mega label Matador in 2009. One of Matador's anchor acts, his last album "B'lieve I'm Goin Down" got solid reviews and QSW's sound system should give his live show justice. Opening band on Friday's concert is Beijing's Uncle Hu at 8:30pm. You'll need to up the ante with 300rmb at the door or 260rmb pre-sale.

Kurt Vile - "My Best Friends (Don't Even Pass This)"


Stay loose, kids. Until next week...



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