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Celebrate Boats, Dragons with Alpine Decline, Morphium, tfvsjs, and Hua Zhou

By Jun 6, 2016 Music


Today is the 6th day of the 6th month of the 16th year and let us celebrate by feasting on delicious zongzi triangle rice treats with a side of good ole Satan rock n’ roll. Dragon Boat Festival is upon us soon and the work week has been shortened. Shanghai nine-to-fivers are going to be out in force, wrenching one more night out on the town for the four-day weekend. Lots going on. It was hard to narrow the top picks this week -- all the local live houses have solid gigs Wednesday to Sunday.

...But I think we've got a little something for everyone in here. Giddy up, kids.


Alpine Decline

Friday June 10 @ Yuyintang

One of the biggest Chinese indie rock events of the year is going down on
Friday with Alpine Decline's record release show. The Beijing psych rock band just dropped a new album, Life's A Gasp and are on a 20+ date China tour supporting it. This time around, the husband and wife duo have picked up a third member. Who could this be? PK14 front man and Maybe Mars Records C.E.O., Yang Hai Song. This collaborative effort came about with Alpine Decline and Yang Hai Song spending a week together in a remote cabin bringing just a portable studio and their psychedelic aspirations.

After this tour, Alpine Decline will return to being a duo, and continue their journey warping time and space itself with that fancy Eurorack synth style. For now, check out this super group formation in person on Friday at Yuyintang. The show will run you 80rmb and starts at 9:30pm.

Alpine Decline - "Pre-Columbian Artifact"


Friday, June 10 @ Inferno

If you're looking for something a little harder on Friday, then Inferno Bar has you covered with a Spanish gothic metal act called Morphium. The ensemble lays down that brooding metalcore sound. Of course, that is just before the melodic female vocals kick in on top. Melodic metal is usually not my thing but these guys keep a healthy enough dose of the hard shit to keep it interesting. Do I hear a touch Brujeria in that Morphium sound? I think I do. Should be a rowdy one down at Shanghai’s only dedicated metal bar, Inferno. Friday’s show kicks off at 9pm and costs 100rmb at the door, which includes a standard drink.

MorphiuM - "En el Abismo"

Hua Zhou

Saturday, June 11 @ MAO Livehouse

After eating a mountain of those sweet zongzi treats head on down to Mao for the sugary folk pop of Hua Zhou. This college senior pulls down mad viewership on the Chinese intranet with songs about everyday life, sunshine, lollipops, moon beams, and candy drops. It's all pretty precious. Performing since 2012, her first album dropped a couple years later produced and recorded by none of than Yang Hai Song himself. Is there a record in China that guy doesn’t have his fingers in?

Expect a packed out room with local young kids and the young at heart. The door will run you 70rmb but take heed, the show only runs 8:30pm to 10:30pm. Those kids need to get back to Fudan University and hit the books, you know.

Hua Zhou - "Old Doctor"


Saturday, June 11th @ Yuyintang

Also on Saturday, is a big post rock booking with Hong Kong band, tfvsjs. Not a typo. These guys are a on a mainland tour laying down that instrumental rock that China can’t get enough of. But, for real, tfvsjs are accomplished musicians that put together a complex math-rock-meets-post-rock sound in the vein of early Tortoise and Explosions in the Sky. Perfect music to throw on while filing those TPS reports; just don’t forget the new fax coversheets. Tfvsjs can be found playing all the big festivals in Hong Kong and are affiliated with one of my favorite record stores, White Noise. If post rock is your bag then attendance in mandatory on this one. Door costs 90rmb and the rock starts at 9pm sharp.

tfvsjs – Qian Mou

As the mother of dragons says, "Let’s burn this place to the ground, we out."



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