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Hang On The Box, Dolphy Kick Bebop, Earsnail, Futuregaze, and more...

By Jul 4, 2016 Music


Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck gettin' dirt and gritty. Time to break out that pair of jean shorty-shorts and Motley Crue beer cozy. Time to rock n' roll. In our first week into July, we're seeing no shortage of live acts hitting the local stages. On your plate is old school Chinese girl punk band Hang on the Box, Korean / Chinese psych rock Dolphy Kick Bebop, and a collaboration show titled "Boundless" featuring multiple bands and artists.

Giddy up, Shanghai.


Earsnail, Future Gaze, Walking XL, Mercy and Sorry, & Dream Can

Friday, July 8 @ Mao Livehouse

Mao Livehouse is hosting a big ole art and music event this Friday called "Boundless". We've got art installations from the Huo Ju collective, along with some pieces from artist Quick Massage, both paired like fine wine with live music from Shanghai and beyond. No "bounds" here, folks. It's totally boundless. Five solid bands performing including Mercy & Sorrow, Future Gaze, Dream Can, Walking XL, and a new Beijing project from members of White+ and Da Bang called Earsnail. Seeing as White+ are one of the best Chinese indie electronic / rock bands of recent years (in our humble opinion), the Earsnail booking alone is enough reason to hit up this show. All for the price of just 80rmb. Gets going at 8pm and should provide family friendly shoegaze fun for all.

Future Gaze - "Self Divided"

Hang On The Box, Round Eye, Banana Monkey, & Goushen

Saturday, July 9 @ Yuyintang

The rowdiest show of the week is 100% Saturday's Hang On The Box gig at Yuyintang. Even though it's not all original members of the Beijing punk group, infamous singer Gia is still fronting the band with a new bunch of angst ridden upstarts. For over 15 years, Hang On The Box has inspired countless grrrls across China to pickup a guitar and kick off the pop punk revolution in their own towns. They get back together every couple years, but this will be the first reforming for a Shanghai show. On the bill are expat cock rockers Round Eye, local legends Banana Monkey, and the newest incarnation of punk / metal band Goushen. All bands are high energy, so bring your pogo juice. This one is going off the rails. The door will cost you one big pink Mao bill and kicks off at 9pm.

Hang on the Box - "I'm Mine" (2002)

Dolphy Kick Bebop

Saturday, July 9 @ On Stage

Also on Saturday is a interesting booking in the form of Dolphy Kick BeBop playing On Stage. The Korean-born front man of Dolphy Kick BeBop grew up in Beijing and has put together one of the best psych rock projects I've heard in China for a while. They are sharing the stage with the band Seperate Mirrors which includes Future Gaze drummer Daniel Nagels along with Chinese indie band Not In Catalog. On Stage has a great sound system and if you are looking for a more laid-back Shanghai locals indie show then this guy is for you. Hey, with a name like Dolphy Kick BeBop how could you go wrong? The door charge is 50rmb and starts at 8.30pm.

Dolphy Kick Bebop - "Ode to a Thousand Gates"

I should also mention, if you want to check out a more experimental version of both Future Gaze and Beijing's Earsnail then head down to Shelter club on Thursday for Voltage Divider. Just a warning: things are gonna get weird down there.



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