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This Week's Live Music Flyers are Melting the Internet

By Jul 18, 2016 Music


As we dig deeper into the abyss of summer, live music is still flowing through Shanghai's stages. However, it looks like all the city's graphic designers have left for vacation. We have a perfect storm of generic and terrible flyers for nearly all the live gigs this week and I'm here to share them with you. Enjoy, kids.

La Pulpa

Wednesday, July 20 @ Yuyintang

The week begins with a Wednesday show featuring the band La Pulpa. These four Colombian boys are on tour in support of their album Future Calentano. All the band's visuals feature buxom futuristic females with cheap graphics. Boys, boys, boys, it's 2016. Do you really need generic "hot girl" graphics to sell your jams? The show is 40rmb and starts at 9pm.

Funky World! Mixx Company

Thursday, July 21 @ On Stage

If your Thursday night is feeling a little bland then On Stage has the cure with Funky World! Mixx Company. This band features a crew of old-school JZ musicians getting together to lay down their thang. Luckily the flyer gives us a sultry A+ Photoshop pic of all the Funky World players. Here is the full band lineup: Denise Mininfield, Kevin Maxim, Smokey Burton, Yan Boodhoo, Alain, Giovani Chaton, and Macleen Rangasmey. If can put the names to the pics you win the funkiest night of your life! (For a 50rmb cover charge).

Next Door Band

Friday, July 22 @ Yuyintang

On Friday night we've got a bit of bit of rock n' roll, with Next Door Band hitting the Yuyintang stage. Well, their band name is pretty generic, but what about the flyer? We got two guitars sword-fighting against a cheap line art background with various clip-art beer mugs spread throughout. Alright maybe the music itself will overcome the generic name and flyer. After listening to a few songs, the verdict is WACK.

Pinkberry, Mister Lady, & Runaway Snail

Saturday, July 23 @ Yuyintang

Good lord, this flyer is so next level it's blowing my mind. This show promises at least nine humanoids from some sort of disco planet getting wild to the sounds of Chinese pop-rock bands Pink Berry and Runaway Snail. All this for a mere 80rmb? I'm sold.

Shanghai Latino Project

Sunday, July 24 @ On Stage

Might as well finish your week like you started it, with spicy Colombian beats of course! On Sunday, On Stage is hosting a daytime show and BBQ with the Shanghai Latino Project laying down covers of artists like Shakira, Joe Arroyo, Carlos Vives, Grupo Niche, and Diomedes Diaz. On the flyer we have a sultry blonde (possibly Shakira herself) tempting us along with a bag of coffee beans (really?) and some BBQ pics. The 150rmb door charge includes a 50rmb voucher for food. Not sure how much that buys but wouldn't it be better with a 100rmb food voucher? Damn I can't say no to Colombian BBQ though. Starts at 1pm!

Is it just me or is Shanghai is feeling hot hot hot!!!!!



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