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[Mixtape]: Stas Bogorad of The Meantraitors

By May 26, 2017 Music


Shanghai gets a rare dose of that good ol' psychobilly punk rock tonight at Yuyintang with the Shanghai return of Russian retro-minded rabble-rousers, The Meantraitors. Ahead of the show, SmSh talked to the band's leader singer Stas Bogorad about a few choice tunes. Fire up the VPN and click through. Bust out those creepers, greasers.


The Mixmaker:

Hailing from St. Petersberg, The Meantraitors have been rolling the psychobilly bones since the late '80s, touring constantly for the last 30 odd years all over Russia and out into Europe. Music is classic psychobilly (a boozy mix of horror punk, USA hillbilly, grease, blood, violence, bad upbringing, jail, cars with holes in their muffler, references to dice, poker, and in particular the ace of spades card), with the obligatory homage to the ones that stand before it as as the "true" progenitors: The Meteors. Still, fans of all shades of punk rock, hit that show up at YYT tonight to see the veterans from Big Red throw down. Here's some songs the frontman likes. It's just that easy.


The Exploited - "Crashed Out"

Meantraitors say: "Wattie is high tech mixed with the caveman, absolutely original punk of deepest die, I love his vocals, i love his attitude, the song is so true that my heart starts beating faster each time I have a chance to listen to it, and it was done nearly 40 odd years ago."

AC/DC - "Rocker"

Meantraitors say: "Bon Scott is one of my gods, and I know, ACDC knew how to play rockabilly, not a dime worse, but really tougher then any famous rocknrollers, especially in 70's. The sound of a snare drum smashing me to the wall, man, it is so deep, it has some belly. Scotts vox is probably the best he did, I just must mention Ride On song as well. Rocker is an everydayer song for the ones who want to die for rocknroll."

The Meteors - "I Ain't Ready"

Meantraitors say: "The kings of Psychobilly did many great numbers, "I Ain't Ready" is one of those. Clean and violent guitar of P.Paul Fenech is the book how i must play the instrument, his sad but no surrender vocals, is a masterpiece as well. The song is pretty depressive, however it makes me stronger, bravo, Paul."

The Meantraitors - "Who The Hell Started The Fire"

Meantraitors say: "I'm proud of some songs we have recorded. Who The Hell is one of those. My deeper tuned guitar sounds so furious here that I become nuts on stage, I just see a dark field in evening, some wind, some kinda Mad Max Ford Falcon car and my right leg pushes the pedal to the floor. Amen."

Johnny Burnette "All by Myself"

Meantraitors say: "He is the best rockabilly artist to me, So tight done, the song just knocks you off, remember, it was recorded in 50's in NY, not in Tenessie or some other south states, crazy modern sound of drums, sick vox, just a weapon to win!"

Johnny Cash "God's Gonna Cut You Down"

Meantraitors say: "Thanks to Rick Rubin, he produced one of the best songs Johnny could record just months before he died, Johnny Cash is an icon, a soul, he is like the dad standing near by to support you. The song is so brutally true, that it can put many of you on tears. A good song to remember, don't waste your time, try to leave something good to the people, to your kids, your parents, your friends."


Catch The Meantraitors tonight at YYT. Cover is 80rmb.



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