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[Mixtape]: Trance, Psychadelic, and Cheese from Ivan Smagghe
By Jun 21, 2018 Music
Ahead of his return tonight to ALL tonight, SmartShanghai got Ivan Smagghe to send us over some tracks he's listening to these days. Click on through for some cool, robotic, retro-future blips and bleeps from the French DJ/producer/label boss.



The Mixmaker:

For more than 20 years, Ivan Smagghe (nee Ivan Rough Trade), lately label boss of Les Disques de la Mort, has represented the darker side of French underground electronic music, coming from the final dregs of French punk, cold wave, and electroclash before him. Since the early 2000s, his releases have traded in cimmerian blips and throbs, imbuing the dance floor with a singular, sci-fi-damaged brand of nihilistic electro house. But sometimes he does happier shit too. For one of his recent space trips out to the outer reaches of a dead galaxy, and for maybe a taste of what's on offer for tonight at ALL, check out this recent podcast from Smagghe.


Philipp Melon - Atmosfear [TM-101]

Ivan Smagghe says: I am not a disco fanatic. I am not an ebm fanatic. May be I am a ebm-disco fanatic though. Great track that surfs on the line.

Khidja - Embarking Once More, Upon That Dark Voyage

Ivan Smagghe says: Title sounds a bit like the story of my life but anyways… Khidja on a trip for DJ SOFA’s amazing compilation.

Wav Fuzz - Hi Lite

Ivan Smagghe says: Passed on by my CHANNELING partner, Nathan Gregory Wilkins, a good example of the resurgence of the slowed down psychedelic bleeps.

In Aeternam Vale - Clobenzorex [DM3D013]

Ivan Smagghe says: France Trance Dance. Act to watch.

Gabe Gurnsey - Ultra Clear Sound [PHLP10]

Ivan Smagghe says: Godley & Creme basically. A wink to the cheesier me.


Yeti presents Ivan Smagghe tonight at ALL Club.


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