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[Mixtape]: WeChat Agitator / Feline Xu Dongmei
By Apr 21, 2017 Music
Ahead of local DJ night / creative project of no discernible limits Love Bang's seven year anniversary this Saturday night at Dada bar, SmSh got their mascot / wechat-based art, fashion, culture, and dining critic Xu Dongmei to send us over what's good these days for music to listen to. Hey, it's Friday. We'll play along. Fire up your VPN. These are all YouTubers.


The Mixmaker (in their own words):

"I'm a cat without a passport. I've never been to Chicago. But thanks to the internet and a big KTV speaker we got from the Baoshan market, my friends and I dance to that Chicago footwork music in Hongkou Park when the stars come out. So ahead of Saturday's party with DJ Earl, these are five tracks we like in the summertime."

5 Summer Footwork Tracks From Xu Dongmei

1. DJ Paypal & DJ Earl - "We Finally Made It"

Xu Dongmei says: Love Bang Soundsystem told me this is the anthem for their anniversary.

2. Taso - "Today Was A Good Day VIP"

Xu Dongmei says: You know the original. Us street cats prefer this version.

3. DJ Rashad - "Show U How"

Xu Dongmei says: R.I.P. Rashad.

4. DJ Earl - "Let's Work"

Xu Dongmei says: You're gonna need a cold bottle of Nongfu Shan after you work to this one.

5. DJ Paypal - "You Got Me"

Xu Dongmei says: Last track of the night. Ok I schooled you to some good music, now go to Buddies and buy me some ice creams.

- Xu Dongmei


There you have it kids. This cat, this cat's cookies, baked with Strictly Cookies, and half of Shanghai at Dada on Saturday.


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