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Modern Sky Lab Shanghai Opens This Friday
By May 16, 2017 Music
Beijing indie label Modern Sky's long planned Shanghai music venue expansion Modern Sky Lab is opening this Friday night in Shanghai, with a performance by long-running Beijing groove rock band Buyi. The location of the 1200-person capacity venue is in the Ruihong Tiandi shopping mall expansion out in Hongkou. "Modern Sky Lab" is the proposed chain of live music houses / youth culture hubs managed by the indie label-cum-festival promoters. The first one opened in Beijing in 2015. That venue was to set a template standard for these things to sprout up all over the country. Like strawberries!


The initial plan was to open over 20 of them, in fact, over a three year period. Nah, bruh. So far, they've got the Beijing original, the Shanghai one opening Friday, and a proposed Modern Sky Kunming opening soon. In addition to performance spaces, the venues are also intended to be "creative incubator" type deals, housing production facilities for their stable of artists and whatnot. The Shanghai venue is ambitious. In addition to a 1200-person concert space, they're also hosting a club space, a cafe, a design shop, an art exhibition space, and even a small craft brewery.

Cause the kids like the craft beer these days right?

Image from Modern Sky's blog

It's like a one-stop shop for all your youth culture needs, safety tucked away in a big officially designated mall in Hongkou. SmartShanghai will be by shortly to check it out. Finger on the pulse. Voice of youth...

Buyi performs Friday night at Modern Sky Lab. Tickets are 110rmb.

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