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Slowdive, Oneohtrix Point Never, American Authors: Concrete & Grass Full(ish) Lineup

By Aug 21, 2018 Music


Concrete & Grass has released their full lineup for this year’s festival, minus two headliners, and there are some big (indie) names including Slowdive, Oneohtrix Point Never and American Authors. Dance music fans get Prosumer, Illsee and Hong Kong's Mr. Ho among others. Hit the jump for the full lineup.

International Acts:

A shoegaze miracle: wondrous, cosmic, reverb-drenched haze from a genre’s true pioneers

Oneohtrix Point Never
Mutant rhythms and dark experiments: step into the lab of electronic music’s new evil genius

American Authors
All together now: This is gonna be the best day of my lii-iife, my li-i-i-i-i-i-ife!

Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist
Luminous, stately orchestral pop from one of Iceland’s loveliest pop stars

Zee Avi
A catchy and carefree indie pop songstress with an extraordinarily expansive voice

YBN Nahmir
Gamer kid, rising rapper, Internet sensation: the festival’s wildest party, right here.

Jun Togawa with Vampillia
Untapped, uncontrolled madness from Japan’s radical, legendary underground singer

Japanese Jamiroquai: acid jazz dance-funk that’s sizzling hot and peak cool

Rosie Thomas
Witty stories, cozy rhythms and adorable songs from a colourful, versatile songwriter

The Jillionaire
1/3rd of Major Lazer. 2/3rds reggae-tinged dancehall. 3/3 accomplished party starter

Pitch-perfect Japanese Britpop with style, swagger and the grooviest of hooks.

The Shanghai Restoration Project
Brainy yet whimsical electronica that channels the golden age of Shanghai jazz

Kikagaku Moyo
Sacred, free-form psychedelic sitar rock of vast universes and strawberry fields forever

The Garden
A perpetually intriguing duo of punk jesters with many a catchy musical trick up their sleeves

Breakneck, pulsing metal-meets-electronica that’ll have you moshing AND raving

Squiggly beats meet squishy vocals in fresh umami-flavoured Japanese wooze-pop

A magnetic young singer-songwriter who’s wistful, danceable and utterly irresistible.

Maximal minimalism: ethereal soundscapes under gloomy synth clouds

Colorfully disorienting electro-rock from an enigmatic, subversive Tokyo collective

Cancer Bats
Hardcore punk that’s loud, fast, fun and cranked up to 11

And So I Watch You From Afar
Formidable, exhilarating instrumental rock played with manic, magical glee

David Thomas Broughton
Surreal, absurd freak-folk that goes down some apocalyptic, alchemical side-roads

William Tyler
Sublime, emotional post-country for wide-open vistas and the great outdoors

High-energy hip-hop and funk-tastic antics from the UK’s most daring grime figurehead

Kiltir Maloya
Electrifying, hypnotic traditional Creole dance music all the way from the Indian Ocean

A guardian of house music’s storied history, and one its most important producers

Anna Haleta
Infectious, vibrant and meticulous techno from one of Tel Aviv’s most trusted selectors

Supernaturally radiant post-dubstep beats with a wild, imaginative heart

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland acts:

林一峰 Chet Lam
Intimate, delicate urban folk that ponders life, love and better tomorrows

老王乐队 Lao Wang
Gorgeous, melancholy folk rock that’s both biting satire and bittersweet nostalgia

落日飞车 Sunset Rollercoaster
A synth-soul whirlwind of good-time grooves and blues-soaked nostalgia

戏班乐队 Xiban
A beguiling mix of Chinese opera, folk and jazz-heavy grooves that’s both timeless and timely

秘密行动 Stolen
Propulsive, elemental dance punk that’s somewhere between beautiful and sinister

Restless, fresh Chinese hip-hop with smooth flow and razor-sharp bite

Chinese post-punk that’s forceful and driving: true anthems for today’s doomed youth

Future Orients
Thrilling post-punk with hazy shoegaze pleasures and a sinister goth glow

Chinese Football
Twinkling and melodic indie emo, simultaneously delicate, beautiful and yearning.

Startling visions and ominous beats from Shanghai’s avant-garde vanguard

Smooth vibes and killer flow from an old-school Chinese hip-hop veteran

Mr Ho
Funk, minimal, trip-hop and more: a class DJ act from the Klasse Records boss

Enter the Void: Frosty industrial dance music, like a rave at a construction site.

Good vibrations from one of the figureheads of China’s vinyl movement.

HWA aka Elvis T
Strange and surreal modular synth sounds that’ll make you sway in strange and surreal ways

Come Correct Crew
Deep cuts and soulful selections from Shanghai’s pre-eminent DJ collective

ollo-MAM & Endy Chen
Shoulder-shuffling grooves from Shanghai’s clairvoyants of the vinyl crate

Soul, funk and disco beats from one of Shanghai’s most forward-thinking crews

Loft Beach
Cheeky, geeky soft-focus Shanghai indie rock to make you feel young and nostalgic

热地乐队 Rid Band
Timeless Mongolian sounds meet blistering rock’n’roll for guaranteed on-stage madness

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