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Michael Cignarale's New EP On Shanghai's Co:Motion Label Is Pretty Solid
By Mar 1, 2016 Music
Shanghai loves ze house music, so here's some house music from Shanghai on the Co:Motion label, which is run by veteran Shanghai DJs Mau Mau, Laura Ingalls, MIIIA, and Raz. Following MIIIA's Amber Lounge-core What Just Happened EP are four driving trax by Michael Cignarale, a graphic designer and producer who doesn't play out that much, along with remixes by / collaborations with fellow Co:Motion heads Laura Ingalls and MIIIA. Some burners on this one for sure, specifically the second track. Read on for those.

The Baltimore native's set at Saturday's EP release party at Dada was 40 minutes of all original, unreleased trax. Definitely keep an eye on dude this year. Cignarale (top right in the picture) also helps run the CinemQ movie nights, one of which happens this Thursday at Shelter. Look out for party pixx from that launch party later this week and get the EP on Bandcamp.

Photo Credit: Artem Verkhoglyad


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  • 2 years ago Logibear

    Rafs remix is on point, the first track sounds like something i made my third time using reason. drum looks and more drum loops. Cool tho.

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