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[Updated] Spill Your Guts Album Review, This Week's Hardcore Gigs, and Harvey Sutherland

By Aug 29, 2016 Music


Don't let that cool summer breeze fool you -- there is a storm a'brewin' in Shanghai, kids. More accurately, there is a hurricane-soaked tsunami wrapped in a monsoon with multiple tornadoes circle pitting the center. This week's live music gig lineup is nothing short of dangerous. Let's throw a pile of wu mao coins in the middle and start picking up that change. It's FULL BLAST time.

Deez Nuts, ACxDC, Fighting Back, Spill Your Guts

Wednesday, August 31 @ Yuyintang

The cosmos have aligned in what seems to be an unholy alliance of hardcore bands this Wednesday at Yuyintang. On the one hand you have ACxDC playing. Are we talking about the bloated Australian classic rockers from Australia? Nope. Anti-Christ X Demon-Core are a power violence / grindcore band from Los Angeles that have been breathing new life (or death?) into the genre. In my opinion one of the sickest groups playing in the world today.

[Update: August 29, 4.34pm: Unfortunately, due to visa problems, Deez Nuts will not be performing. Door tickets are now 100rmb, and anyone who purchased a pre-sale ticket can get a 40rmb refund at the venue.]

Because of a scheduling overlap, Beijing promoters Hot Pot Music also have Deez Nuts on Wednesday's gig. As the name implies, Deez Nuts are a booze filled party metalcore band that sing about blunts and beer while, ironically enough, actually being from Australia. Even though it's not my style, their music is infectious and will have you picking up that bottle of Fireball and smashing it over your friend's unsuspecting dome in no time. On the local side you have respected Chinese hardcore outfit Fighting Back along with Spill Your Guts. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night. This one will run you 160rmb 100rmb at the door and the show starts at 9pm.

ACxDC - "Turtle Power"

Deez Nuts - "Band of Brothers"

Fighting Back - "The Truth"

Spill Your Guts - Full Blast (Album Review)

Full Blast is not just the title track name of Spill Your Gut's new EP release. Full Blast is a lifestyle. Full Blast is no safety gear. Full Blast is broken bottles. Full Blast is drenching your hot dog with the spiciest mustard known to man as it's being roasted on the open fire of a turnt over and burning police car. 30 years from now when you look back on 2016 you won't remember any Kardashian squad drama or shit Frank Ocean album. You will remember that was the year of Full Blast.

Kicking things off is the album's longest running song, "Beasts", which comes in at a mean three minutes and forty-eight seconds of brutal classic hardcore. After listening to this song over ten times I still can pick out elements I didn't notice before, like the subtle guitar riffs layered during the song's more extreme parts. This guy is mixed down well and doesn't let any one part go on too long. All the singalongs, guitar solos, double drums, and nastiness come together in just the right places.

With the opening sample on the next song, "Blind Path", the band explores themes of hypocrisy in the scene and calls out all bullshit in some of the best written lyrics off the album. Besides a couple stray guitar pickings I could have done without, this song showcases their grindcore influenced grab bag of '80s style hardcore with a dash of metal that fits together well.

The song "SH21" is a locals-only tribute to the classic "anthem" ballad. Better yet, it's a tribute to the lack of creativity with coming up with that classic anthem song. With her extended intro and chorus lyrics of "Na-na nana na-na", this little lady shows the lighter-hearted side of Spill Your Guts.

Getting back to the business of evil, "Poisoned Minds" is like having the dark army of the apocalypse headed straight towards your direction. Some of the best guitar work is on this song, which should play well to Shanghai's metal heads.

Then you have the conclusion,

Then you have "FULL BLAST".

If you can't get it done in a minute then it's not Full Blast. I can almost hear the cracking of skulls in Wuhan, Beijing, and any other city across China that is willing to host Spill Your Guts on their Full Blast tour. They throw in all the elements of previous songs from the album and speed it up 10x times to get 'er done. My only complaint is the song could have been mastered louder. I guess the mastering studio didn't have an eleven on their mixing desk.

Wednesday's Yuyintang show will be your first chance to purchase the new Full Blast cassette tape and hear the songs in in real life. I highly suggest doing both.

Harvey Sutherland

Friday, September 2 @ Arkham

While I don't usually include electronic acts in my weekly Live Music Guide, I'm making an exception this week for one smooth Aussie producer named Harvey Sutherland. The Yeti crew are bringing over this former session keyboard player onto the Arkham stage for a night of improvisational feel good music that should be fun for all ages.

Since the 2013 release of his Nexus cassette, Sutherland has quickly transitioned into a artist featured in every DJ and producer rag around the globe. With his love of vintage keyboards including the Juno 6 or Fender Rhodes that layer his eclectic productions, his past three vinyl releases have been sought after by both DJs and regular folks like you and me. Supporting are the friendly faces of Allan Marshall, Miki Discosnot, and Laura Ingalls, who just returned from an American road trip (hopefully with some Popeye's biscuits in his luggage). Things get going at 10pm and will run you 90rmb at the door.

Harvey Sutherland - Boiler Room Set

Xu Jun

Saturday, September 3 @ MAO

Saturday night, MAO is hosting a big ole album release by Xu Jun. Hailing from Hangzhou, Xu Jun is the front man of popular band The Tree, who play to packed out concert halls across China. His debut solo album titled "Million Song Songs Hill" is being put out by Space Circle Records, which is also based in Hangzhou. For the tour, this guy is hitting six cities in just nine days. The Tree has always been a solid band that sways between heartfelt folk love songs and harder rocking indie jams and occasional bits of funk rock. These guys are by no means running an amateur hour and I'm curious to see what Xu Jun has come up with for his solo material. The door fee is 150rmb and you can pick up pre-sale tickets for 100rmb on Douban. I'm pretty sure this one will sell out though.

The Tree - Live

Xu Jun - Inspirational Promo Video

See you in the pit Shanghai. I'll be the old guy who gets winded after five minutes and needs to sit down on the stairs in back.



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