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Surfer Blood, Soft, Nonplus of Color, Colin Phils, and More

By Jul 11, 2016 Music


If you're like me you stocked up on batteries and Gracie's Ice Cream in preparation for a possible category 5 mega-storm that was supposed to hit Shanghai over the weekend. As per usual, however, this impending disaster lost its mojo by the time it was to reach our city. Sorry Miss Nepartak, better luck next time. In her wake, though, Nepartak did bless us with another week of Gotham City-like overcast and drizzle.

While most of your friends are visiting their loved ones back home or back-packing through Nepal, let us embrace the grey skies and electric guitars that Shanghai is offering.


Surfer Blood

Wednesday, July 13 @ Mao Livehouse

Big Wednesday night booking: Surfer Blood down at Mao Livehouse. The indie rock band kicked things off in 2010 with the album Astro Coast -- a solid piece of fuzzed out guitar licks plus brooding vocals. That landed them a record deal on Warner Bros., which in turn led the band to develop a more polished style. After an arrest, however, of front man John Paul Pitts, the band was dropped by Warner Bros. and their latest album 1000 Palms is back on the indie bench under the Indianapolis label Joyful Noise Recordings. This gig should be fun times for all. The rock kicks off at 8.30pm so pick up your 120rmb pre-sale tickets here and get down with some sunny Florida indie beach-core jams.

Surfer Blood - "Neighbor Riffs"

Deep Traveler, Soft, D-Mix

Thursday, July 14 @ Yuyintang

If you're interested in checking out some up-and-coming Chinese indie bands then head on back to Yuyintang on Thursday for a night of mixed genre antics. Headlining are a pop rock band named Deep Traveler which consists of Taiwan and Hong Kong members. Then you have local Shanghai shoegaze band Soft playing as well. Soft have been tightening up their set over the past year and, in my opinion, will be hitting those festival stages anytime now. Finally, on the bill are a hip hop group from Wuxi called D-Mix. Shoegaze, pop rock, and hip hop? Why not. This Thursday's show is 40rmb and starts at 9pm.

Soft - Live at Lineout

Nonplus of Color, Second, Forget & Forgive

Saturday, July 16 @ Mao Livehouse

Good date night show down at Mao on Saturday with Shanghai bands Nonplus of Color, Second, and Forget & Forgive. Nonplus of Color is an ever-evolving pysch rock outfit that always impresses live. The all-girl band Secon is a pop punk act that churns out solid, straightforward, hard rocking tunes for all the drooling boys in the front row. Finally, we have Forget & Forgive, who are by far the most popular band on the lineup and have that sweet folk rock sound that could make any girl swoon. This concert is 80rmb at the door and starts at 9pm. Here are some live videos of all three bands. I highly suggest checking out their Douban pages for better quality audio examples: Nonplus of Color, Second, Forget & Forgive.

Second - Live at YYT

Nonplus of Color - Live at YYT

Forget & Forgive - Live at Mao Livehouse

Colin Phils

Sunday, July 17 @ Yuyintang

Save some Sunday night energy for a little band playing Yuyintang that go by the name Colin Phils. Is their band name a bad pun on our prog rock-turned-'80s pop icon Phil Collins? I sure hope so. The flyer proudly proclaims them as a "American Indie Math-Rock Post-Rock Band". So... rock music then. Actually formed in Korea, the band is now made up of expats living in Shenzhen. Their latest album is titled e​,​r​,​som​,​sa​.​.​., and is released through Hong Kong label Sweaty & Cramped. Musically, Colin Phils style is closer to the Thrill Jockey math rock scene. Think bands like Tortoise or Sea & Cake. Just a good old fashioned indie rock show by a bunch of clean cut American kids. Opening band is Foster Parents. Starts 9pm. Door charge is 60rmb.

Colin Phils - "Moonstone"

Bonus round: If your looking to throw down with a little bro time, then I suggest Friday's Rumble in Red Town featuring The Machinery of Other Skeletons, Hitobashira, Psyclopus, Kaifu, and Thank Ray. 5 bands for 50rmb? Not too shabby.



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