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3 New Shanghai Electronic Releases: China Pavilion Records EP1; Motel77 'Clash' EP; Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1

By Jan 18, 2018 Music


Kicking a few links your way if you're interesting in local producers releasing original dance / hip hop / electronic music. Here's a round-up of three new ones from Shanghai sources. China Pavilion Records (the digital label from The Mansion) have released their first compilation EP, long-time Shanghai deep disco space travelers Thoma Cher and Charp have a new record on French Label La dame Noir Records, and local promoters Yeti Disco have just released their own hip hop / grime / bass music compilation project, Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1. Onward with that Shanghai original music.


China Pavilion Records Start Off with China Pavilion Records EP1


The digital label from The Mansion family: "The fresh label China Pavilion Records has been launched January 2018 to connect the Chinese Electronic Music scene to the world. Follow us to discover the coolest new artists and listen to electronic music mixed with Chinese influences. A whole new music genre!"

This first EP showcases Chinese producers Temple Rat from Chengdu and KK Zhang from Shanghai. Both of these producers are going to be at the club this Friday for a more up-close presentation of their work. Click the link to give it a listen.

Long Time Shanghai DJs Collabo for Motel77 'Clash' EP


Motel77 is the new collaborative project from two long-time Shanghai-based producers Charp and Thoma Cher. They mostly deal in darker disco sounds, coming together on this project to "explore different sides of the so-called nudisco genre. It’s deep, dark or physical, but always focus on groove."

Motel77 first EP Crash is forthcoming on La Dame Noir at the end of January on the reputable French label. Look for that next week-ish at that link and / or check out the company they keep now. First song at that link is a Trisome 21 cover. We approve. Cher and Charp will be at Dada celebration this released at the beginning of March.

Yeti Out Release "Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1"


Local promoters Yeti Out have their first digital released in "Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1: "As creative tribes from the East and West continue to intertwine both online and offline, Vol.1 explores the meaning of 'journey' through a spectrum of music. The compilation is a sonic exchange of culture, and therefore pulls its name from the mythical trade route which connected Asia with Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The 12-track playlist highlights emerging underground sounds, while pays homage to the different regions through innovative sampling."

Neat stuff. Music is hip hop, house, and grime from Roska, Zean, Bohan Phoenix, and more. This is the new shiiiiit. Click that link to have a listen.



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