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Today in Canceled Stuff: Sick of It All
By Sep 29, 2015 Music
This one sucks. NYHC legends Sick of It All have been compelled to cancel the China dates for their Asia tour and won't be performing in Shanghai... err Suzhou for the Electronic Midi Festival this year. Play it again, Sam: visa issues.

Wait, Sick of It All were supposed to play that DJ thing? Okay, well, not anymore. Here's word from Hong Kong-based tour organizer Riz Farooqi:

"Today it was confirmed that Sick of it All were unable to get visas to enter China. It was not because their application was rejected. It was because through a myriad of events out of the promoter's hands (read: government control) getting visas were left up to the last minute. Applications for work visas have been in process for months but with no word on the status of the applications (read: zero sense of due process). So the idea was to get a different type of visa and get in the country that way... today it was confirmed that won't happen. With a heavy heart - especially since getting them their first ever show in China at China's biggest music festival MIDI was a major way to give back to this band for giving me so much over the many years - we have to announce that SOIA will not be performing at MIDI and Beijing. King Ly Chee will continue to go up and fulfill responsibilities to both promoters in order to lessen financial losses they will incur for this situation. We certainly understand we could (nor should) never be considered an appropriate replacement for a band like Sick of it All - but both promoters think that by us continuing with the show's booked would be helpful to them. With Sick of it All's blessing we will go up and honor commitments."

Respect for the honesty. It's rare you see a promoter actually go on record with a substantial reason behind a given cancellation.

At any rate, it seems like Riz's own (fantastic) band King Ly Chee will be coming up to "honor their commitment" to Midi Festival, so that's some silver lining for you.


If you're dead set on seeing SOIA, their Hong Kong show on Sunday, October 4 at Hidden Agenda is still on. Hong Kong for the holidays?

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