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Weekly Live Music Guide: Metal to Soul and Back Again

By Mar 21, 2016 Music


A few interesting gigs around Shanghai this week to check out. From metal too neo-soul too shoegaze goth we have a little something for everyone...

No Escape

Friday, March 25th @ On Stage

The metal / hardcore pick of the week goes to On Stage's No Escape showcase with Chinese bands Hubristic Control, Thy Blood, FNFAL, Fighting Back, and Crying Scarecrow. This show features a mixture of heavy genres: Hubristic Control and Thy Blood representing that thrash; FNFAL's is closer to post-hardcore; and Crying Scarecrow are a Shanghai based metalcore band with Japanese members who have been kicking around Shanghai stages for a couple years now.

With a name like Crying Scarecrow it's gotta be gold right?

Show is 60rmb at the door and starts at 8:30pm.

Thy Blood - Back to the Golden Age

Crying Scarecrow - Am I Insane

Perpetual Motion Machine

Saturday, March 26th @ Yuyintang

Perpetual Motion Machine is one of China's biggest indie pop acts going today. Hailing from Beijing, these seasoned rockers already have a few solid albums to their credit with no end in sight. The current 11-city China tour that's bringing them to Shanghai's door is intended to break in their newly hired drummer. Known for using traditional Chinese song elements in their material, expect everything from electronica, strange samples, and a taste of hardcore thrown into a Perpetual Motion Machine set. If you are a fan of bands like Second Hand Rose then Saturday's gig is a must see. Door charge will run you 80rmb and gets going at 9pm.

Perpetual Motion Machine - Live on Sound Stage


Saturday, March 26th @ Arkham

Lapalux released his second full length album on Flying Lotus's Brain Feeder Records. The UK producer will be playing a special live set in the dungeon of Arkham on Saturday. Gaining notoriety just a few years ago, Lapalux got his start in the neo-soul game with 90's RnB influenced songs that were filtered and skewed enough to gain the attention of Flying Lotus himself. In his album Lustmore, the productions were taken up a notch creating a more adult vibe. Saturday's show should be interesting seeing how Lapalux adapts his music into the club environment. Door is 100rmb and starts at 10pm.

Lapalux - Lonesum Tnite

The Sign of Human

Sunday, March 27th @ Yuyintang

A big name in the shoegaze scene is coming through the Mainland this week in the form of Taiwanese band The Sign of Human. Throwing down a Sunday show on the heels of Guangzhou and Wuhan the four boys play a brand of dark psychedelic rock sung in Mandarin that is appealing to multiple audiences (i.e. post rockers, goths, emos, etc). Formed in 2011, The Sign of Human have played Austin's SXSW festival twice along with having multiple Asia tours under their belt. The show is an early one (starts 7:30, finishes at 9pm) and is 80rmb at the door, or if you are ShowStart savvy it's 60rmb Presale.

The Sign of Human - Destroyer
DEMO by ??? The Sign Of Human

Till next week, kids.


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