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Winners of the Aca ... Douban's Abilu Have Been Announced
By Mar 5, 2018 Music
While the whole entertainment world is talking about the Academy Awards, we'd like to borrow some of your attention for local music. In January, we reported that the leading hobby-oriented social network Douban had announced the nominations for their music award Abilu, an annual contest that presents top Chinese musicians across all major genres, selected by Douban's big data and public votes. This year, a good amount of the winners are veterans in the local music scenes with not much surprise, to be honest, in the results. Unfortunately, Shanghai's Gooooose, Dirty Fingers, Faded Ghost, and Tuzsing, while nominated, didn't make it to the finals. Although 33EMYBW, bassist of Duck Fight Goose won "the best electronic track" for the song "Medusa". Click on the jump for the winners.



Here are the winners of the major categories:

Most Popular Indie-Pop Album: Mr.Graceless - "阴天王国"
Indie-Pop Album of the Year: THE 尺口MP - "爱"

Most Popular Pop Album: Stefanie Sun - "No.13 作品: 跳舞的梵谷"
Pop Album of the Year: Leah Dou - "Kids Only"

Most Popular Rock Album: Suyang - "河床"
Rock Album of the Year: Re-tros - "Before The Applause"

Most Popular Folk Album: Baishui - "「时间」十年特辑:歌选"
Folk Album of the Year: Xiaoli Wan - "天秤之舟/牙齿,菠菜和豆腐诗人,流浪汉和门徒"

Most Popular Hip-Hop Album: Higher Brothers - "Black Cab"
Hip-Hop Album of the Year: J-Fever, Soulspeak - "现在口红"

Most Popular Electronic Album: Broken Thoughts - "Realign"
Electronic Album of the Year: Re-Tros - "Before The Applause

Most Popular Ambient Album: Dou Wei, Inequable - "山水清音图"
Ambient Album of the Year: Dou Wei, Inequable - "山水清音图"


Listen to all the artists nominated for Abbey Road here.


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