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Five Questions with Stand-Up, Podcaster, Crank Texter Theo Von
By Jul 10, 2018 Nightlife
Louisiana comedian, social commentator, podcaster and prolific, profligate crank texter Theo Von is hitting Shanghai this weekend for two shows at Cages Bar & Sports on July 13 and Comedy UN on July 14. You might've caught him on Joe Rogan, on his Netflix special No Offense, or perhaps seen him on Why? With Hannibal Buress. He's worked on Inside Amy Schumer, and he does this thing where he texts random people and just sees where it goes. Turning it into a book! Plus, he hosts a regular podcast called This Last Week. We caught up with him to ask exactly five questions about universal truths, stray animals, podcasting without a clue, and the perversions of total strangers.


SmartShanghai: You come from an area you call the "Stray Animal Belt." Why do you call it that?

Theo Von: There used to be alot more stray animals in America. I didn't see a dog that was a housepet until I was eleven. Prior to that we just had stray dogs roaming our neighborhood. You would also see other stray animals: cals, rats, birds, even some tall lemurs once. And animals love Louisiana and they passed by quite often.

SmSh: How's the Crank Texts book doing? Has randomly texting people revealed some universal truth or pattern to you?

TV: It has revealed so many. I’ve learned which states are more gullible and that most people are willing to be very perverse, even with a stranger over text. The issue in releasing it has been legal issues, but it's coming along. I am still aiming for a FALL 2018 release.


SmSh: Your podcast, This Last Week (VPN), has been taking off the last year. Is podcasting better than regular stand-up?

TV: It's not, but stand-up came under such heavy scrutiny by social justice media, and even by Hollywood itself, that comedians have had to resort to podcasting to be funny. The audience has followed. People want authenticity, so they come to pods. No more canned, prefab rhetoric from entertainers that aren’t genuine or that the orations themselves aren’t genuine because they are so tied to advertising. I'm tired of it, and i'm just a regular joe, so I know others are as well.

As for This Past Weekend, I often don't even know what I'm doing on there, but I keep trying every week, and I'm grateful people have come to be a part of the journey and to participate. You can be a part of my podcast as a listener. It's not just mine, its ours. I’ve also been inspired by Joe Rogan, Chris Delia, Bobby Lee, Joey Diaz, and The Fighter and the Kid fellas Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callan. I love listening to and being around all those guys. Their podcasts enlighten me and expose me to new ideas, fitness regimes, authors, orators, musicians, diets, and chicanery that I never new existed.

SmSh: Any good advice for people thinking of cultivating a mullet? Some useful mulletry advice?

TV: This isn’t a mullet. It's a mane. Grow one and see how it feels.

SmSh: Last question, in your opinion, what's the main difference between you and Kurt Vonnegut?

TV: His last name is longer than mine for one. He is a largely successful writer and I am not. Those are two I know off the top of my head. I'd like to get to know him to find out more. I will invite him on the podcast and see if we can get to the bottom of this.



Theo Von is on at Cages Bar & Sports on , and Comedy UN on . Tickets on SmartTicket right here.

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