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Altercation at The Nest; LGBTIQ Community Calls for Boycott
By Dec 19, 2017 Nightlife
WeChat and other social media feeds are blowing up this morning with angry people responding to an incident at The Nest last night in which patrons of the venue and management got into a physical altercation. It's... not good.


A graphic currently being shared on several people's WeChat moments reads as follows.

"[On] December 17 members of our community were victims of a hate crime -- a lesbian couple were beaten in the bathroom of The Nest by security guards. While being beaten they received hateful comments about being lesbian. Boycott The Nest." [emphasis theirs]

Overwhelming support is coming from the Shanghai community on the side of the patrons involved in the altercation, with key members of the scene expressing solidarity. Facts are still emerging on what happened. It's a really charged situation.

SmSh reached out management at The Nest for comment. They are currently undergoing investigations and are releasing an official statement at noon. In anticipation of that, Mark at The Nest had this to say about the incident:

"I am investigating... it originates from one of our service managers following a customer into the ladies washroom on the misunderstanding that it was a man going into the wrong washroom (which CAN happen). The two stories diverge signifigantly. But my service manager shows evidence of physical beating. Regardless, I am sure that anyone that knows The Nest or our team or me... will know that there was no way that any of this unfortunate incident was fueled towards the LGBTQ community... we embrace all... and have members of this community amongst our team, our families, and our guests every night.

Update - 1.35pm (press release slightly amended at 3.25pm)

The Nest has released an official statement in response to what they call "allegations of a 'hate crime' circulating on social media";

"The Nest is shocked and saddened to find allegations of a ‘hate crime’ circulating on social media today.

Each and every day, since opening 3 years ago, we have prided ourselves on the philosophy of being a warm and welcoming home for all people of any sexual orientation, race, religion …for our guests, our team and the community.

While there was a security incident on Sunday evening starting from a misunderstanding, the magnitude of the accusations requires a review that goes beyond the reports filed with the authorities by both parties on the night. We are reaching out to all those involved on both sides, as well as any documentary evidence to determine the facts and take any appropriate action. We are committed to doing the right thing in accordance with the principles of who we are and what we believe in.

The comfort, safety and positive experience of ALL, from all communities, is at the heart of everything we do.

- The Nest"

SmSh will update this post as the situation develops.

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  • 1 year ago GayShanghai Unverified User

    I have never witnessed an altercation with security in the nightlife anywhere in Shanghai in the last 10 years so I'll give the security the benefit of a doubt.

    Chinese people generally couldn't care less about your sexual orientation if you don't rub it in their face.

    Expats here however are really homophobic and I get insulted pretty much every weekend as they think it's a foreign country where they can do this without consequences.

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