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Beer Lady Third Location Is Now Open, Trying To Be A Restaurant Or Something
By Oct 11, 2017 Nightlife
Shanghai's (only?) celebrity beermart owner The Beer Lady isn't letting all these uppity newcomers to the scene get a foot in. The third Beer Lady has opened up on Suzhou Lu, and it's even bigger than the last one, which was bigger than the first. Her growth rates would have the National Congress salivating. And she's getting a little cocky, it seems, because it looks like this one's thinking about maybe being a restaurant.


That's right. Thousands of beers in refrigerators, as expected, but also, half of the venue cleared out for sit-down food. Note sure how to feel about that. How many beer fridges were sacrificed to her lofty ambitions to add F to her &B empire. No word on if they've brought in a celebrity French chef to design the menu for this one. But whenever the next upstart wannabe pup tries another 24-hour beer challenge, that particular bit of logistics will already be sorted. She's spoiling us, the Beer Lady is.


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