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Beer News: BREW Beer Fest and Oktobeerfest Rapidly Approaching
By Sep 4, 2018 Nightlife
Beer festivals. You know them. You love them. You spend too much time at them. Your friends are concerned. They haven’t heard from you in days. Your mother brought you into this world with all the beery delights it contains, would it kill you to call her once in a while? What were we talking about? Right, Beer Festivals. BREW Beer Fest and Oktoberfest. In September! Madness.


Daily except Mon, Tue & Wed until Sep 16 2018

Franziskaner Oktoberfest 2018

SmSh Territory - Shanghai

Expect a massive festival tent, massive beer-glasses, food by Zeitgeist, washed down with a free flow beer deal, and a live Munich band bringing you the hottest umpamusic classics to umpa to. It's hosted from Sep 6-9 and then Sep 12-16, for survivors of the first round. It's taking place in a square at Yuanmingyuan Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu (圆明园路, 靠近北京东路), and prices start at 325rmb per person on weekdays. P.S. Munich's Oktoberfest takes place in September. I know, mind-blowing. How will we deal? Tickets available here.

Daily until Sep 9 2018

BREW Beer Fest 2018

Kerry Parkside - 1378 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu

Meanwhile, the 10th Annual BREW Beer Fest sees games, DJ, and a beer drinking competition, with, of course, lots of beer beer and beer. 30+ brewers, with 200 kinds of beer! Craft beer! Plus, free entry.

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