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Beerism: The Brew's New Seasonal, BCB Tap Takeover, Hitachino Nest Beer Incoming

By Oct 20, 2016 Nightlife


Here's a few odds and ends relating to beer events around Shanghai 'cause beer is good and you should drink it copiously and with abandon. We've got a tap takeovers, a nifty beer deal on for tonight, one for Saturday, and news of a solid, solid Japanese brew pub opening soon in Shanghai.


Hitachino Nest Beer Opening in Sinan Mansions

On our Fatburger travels, we came across a pretty common site in Shanghai: a builder's tarp concealing a bunch of construction madness going on somewhere deep withing the bowels of a building. Said tarp was emblazoned with Hitachino Nest Beer's logo. Hitachino is a major Japanese brewpub that traces its history back to 1823. With an eye on importing their beer into the Mainland, they just opened a massive brewery in Hong Kong (using the "most advanced technology" in HK, they claim) and it looks like they're taking an even more direct route in Shanghai, opening a location in Sinan Mansions. We've contacted them to learn more and will update when we hear back. For in-roads into Hitachino, they're known for their orange-infused White Ale, which is their take on Belgian-style witbier. Start with that and then get everything else. More on them here.

Free Beer Alert: The BREW Launches Their New Seasonal Brown Ale

Mmmmm, free beer. This Saturday, October 22, The BREW in the Kerry launches their new seasonal: "This beer has notes of biscuit, chocolate, nuts and coffee coming to a 5.5% abv! Free flow of our new seasonal beer -- the Brown Ale from 6pm to 7pm." One hour to hit that. You could do some damage in an hour, right. In addition to that free-flow, they got a daily happy hour from 3pm to 8pm which is buy-one-get-one. Hot dang.

Really Good Coffee Shop Ocean Grounds and Boxing Cat Voltron for a Tap Take-Over

Ed's Note: Due to the weather, this event has been postponed until November 4 and 5.

This Friday and Saturday, BCB takes over at the house of coffee wizardry, Ocean Grounds. From 5pm, they're kicking out their Contender Extra Pale Ale, Ringside Red Amber Lager, and Right Hook Helles. For 100rmb, you get a coupon for two beers and one pizza bagel, and a free Ocean Grounds coffee coupon for a future visit. Live band on those nights as well.

The Rooster's Craft Beer Night Is Tonight

Jing'an chicken shack The Rooster hosts their Thursday craft beer night tonight, featuring San Diego brewery Ballast Point. Bottles of Ballast Point from 35rmb from 5pm to 11pm. That is all.




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