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[Before] School's Out For Summer: Old Aunties, God Is An Astronaut, and YUGO

By Jun 20, 2016 Nightlife


Is it just me or has the Shanghai rock scene has been kicking out the jams lately? There is a slight possibility that local bands are trying to pack these last shows in before school gets out in July and this place turns into a ghost town. Shanghai summers are notoriously slow in the live music department, but hopefully this year the rock won't stop with that last school bell. Now let us see what's on tap for this week...


Friday, June 24 @ QSW

One of the most respected Chinese rock bands going, YUGO -- a.k.a. Flying Fruit -- play a rare Shanghai show at QSW. The Nanchang-based band are touring in support of their third album, Sunset Boulevard, which tells the story of a loner just trying to make it in this crazy world. YUGO are known for seriously high production values in their recordings and live shows, so expect the livehouse at the north end of Jiangning Lu to be thumping on Friday. That comes at a price though -- 150rmb at the door. For now, check out this little inspirational video from Flying Fruit.

YUGO - "Be Inspired"

God Is an Astronaut

Friday, June 24 @ MAO Livehouse

Alright this is getting a little out of hand. Lately, it seems like every week another big name post-rock band comes through town. Did the whole of Europe suddenly decide to send their hungry post-rock bands East to survive on the merch table sales of nerdy Chinese kids eating that shit up? Hey it's a living, right. God Is an Astronaut are one of the greats, laying down that slow atmospheric sound before getting into the heavy stuff and destroying ear drums. Formed by twin brothers in Ireland, they've put out a number of solid albums and toured the world over the last 15 years. They're known for putting together some pretty sick visuals along with their set, which I'm curious about. You can pick up pre-sale tickets for 260rmb via SmartTicket. This one should be busy so I'd suggest showing up around 8pm to get a decent spot up front. Bring your ear protection kids -- safety first.

God Is an Astronaut - "Pig Powder"

Little Monster, Dream Can, Non Plus of Color, Old Aunties

Saturday, June 25 @ Yuyintang

Shanghai band Little Monster are releasing their new album this Saturday down at Yuyintang. The rock duo is made up of Alex from Dirty Fingers and F, formerly of legendary Shanghai band Pairs. Also on the bill is F's other band, Old Aunties, an all Shanghainese girl-rock band that have been playing a ton of gigs this year. Both Little Monster and Old Aunties are gearing up for a big Brazil tour in July. That's right -- just three Shanghai rock n' roll ladies throwing down gigs on the Amazon. No big whoop. Playing alongside Littler Monster and Old Aunties is one of my favorite local bands, Non Plus of Color, along with indie rock outfit Dream Can. This show is 50rmb and gets going about 9:30pm. Check out this insane new video from Little Monster titled "Black Metal".

Little Monster - "Black Metal"

Well we can't un-see or un-hear that one.



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