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Brand New Bund Place 'Empire' Opens This Friday
By Aug 3, 2017 Nightlife
Hey, here's a thing to try on Friday. Latest newest Bund spot Empire is having its soft opening party. The full name is "Empire Urban Cuisine," which should sort of tip you off that it's not going to be a club. Sorry, kids. It's more a restaurant/cocktail lounge, tucked into a corner off the Bund boulevard. Suit your Friday?


Ah, the Bund. Art Deco jungle where dreams are made of. Of what, Alicia? Art Deco sensibilities, bold wallpaper, fusion food menus, signature cocktail lists, and retro soundtracks, apparently.

Empire's on that corner down the street from Fellas. It's like Bund meets street (literally on the ground floor). The baptismal party's set to start at 7pm. You'll get a free drink on arrival and follow-up cocktails will run you 78-108rmb. Get yourself a Tiki drink, they’ve got those. Tiki drinks on the Bund!


They've also got an a la carte menu that they insist is heavily inspired by the food of New York's five boroughs. What does that look like in practice? The mains seem picked, madlibs-style, from a hat. Carbonara kimchi wagyu burger. Lobster chili chow mein. Maccheroni cacio e pepe with burrata cheese, Sichuan pepper and lemon zest. Welcome to the melting pot, corner where they're selling lemon zest.

Music's courtesy of Ado8, Amber Akilla and LON. Think old and new school East Coast hip hop, jazz, soul. It's a soft opening. That's like a sort of opening. But there will be people in vests there taking your money, so go down and really kick the wheels on a new Bund venue. Welcome to the bright lights, baby, if they can make it here, they can make it anywhere.



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