Closed: The Shelter... Temporarily

By Morgan Short, Jun 4th, 2012 | In Nightlife

Bummer. Here's a message from The Shelter manager Gary Wang:

"After the crackdown since last Thursday on Yongfu road, we have closed The Shelter a few days. There is a notice on our door that says, "we will be closed from June 1 to June 16". But actually we only need to close during the week days for those 16 days. So we will close the week days and keep two weekends open which will be June 8, 9 and June 15, 16."

To reiterate: bummer. Seems like it's only a temporary closure for The Shelter, which is good news, and the Wednesday hip hop night and the Thursday bass music nights will return anon.

Tough times on Yongfu Lu though. Want to do your part to help out? When visiting any of the fine drinking establishments located on Yongfu Lu, maybe don't act like a crazy insane person on the street. Behave yourself a bit, let the heat die down a little, and hopefully it will all blow over.

Maybe not a good idea to sell weed there either.

bflynyc, Jun 4th, 2012

but they didn't close the apt or shiva? interesting

lepera, Jun 4th, 2012


rob.r, Jun 4th, 2012

Maybe this has something to do with the Apartment and Shiva not attracting as many Taki 183, Banksy and Shepard Fairey wannabes?

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