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Stand-Up Comic Doug Stanhope on Various Topics Via Email, Is Sort of Game
By Mar 13, 2018 Nightlife
Shanghai's developing, bourgeoning, budding, (festering?) comedy scene is abuzz with the imminent arrival of American stand-up Doug Stanhope, a self-admittedly "vulgar, opinionated, brutally honest and shockingly uninhibited" sort of fellow who has appeared on classics like "The Man Show", "Girls Gone Wild", "The Howard Stern Show", "Fox News with Greta Van Sustern", and "The Jerry Springer Show" in his almost 30-year career...


Stanhope has performed at basically every major comedy festival in the world, released a half a dozen acclaimed comedy albums, got a few best-selling memoirs under his belt, and a couple of big-time comedy specials produced by Johnny Depp. Elucidates someone writing the Independent on Sunday: "There's a kind of Olympic torch of extreme American comedy, which passed from Lenny Bruce, through Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison... to the late Bill Hicks. Stanhope is the latest, and equally brilliant, bearer." SmartShanghai accosted tipsy truth-teller Stanhope by email with some random questions and he responded thusly. Stanhope is performing at Cages on Thursday night. Tickets are available here.



SmSh: You published a memoir last year with a forward by Dr. Drew Pinski. What's that all about? Isn’t he a turd?

Doug Stanhope: He's just misguided and needs to be guided down the right path at times. But he means well.

SmSh: So, you’re coming to China. Is this the first time? Are you excited? What pops into your mind when someone says “China” to you?

DS: That's three questions under the guise of one. I'll answer the last one. The first thing that pops into my head is Chyna the wrestler and her Not Ready For Porn-Time vagina. She ruined it for an entire nation.

SmSh: Are you adapting the show for Chinese audiences? Authoritative bodies?

DS: I don't believe I'll need to adapt the show at all. Not that people will enjoy my show as it is now. But I don't think that toying with it will help on any level.

SmSh: You mentioned recently in an interview with GQ that Donald Trump got elected because he’s entertaining. Are you still being entertained?

DS: I'm widely amused at the people who are losing their shit over it all. I love it when people fall apart.

SmSh: Are you sick of Trump? Or US politics in general?

DS: It's not really a show I keep up with. I've seen some episodes but it usually just seems to repeat itself.

SmSh: What was the last thing you read in the paper (or internet) or saw on TV that shocked you? (In a positive or negative way).

DS: I'd be more inclined to tell you that what shocked me for not being in the news, is my own glaring absence in the #MeToo scandal sheets. I feel cheated and snubbed.

SmSh: Have you hung out with Johnny Depp lately?

DS: The fat prick hasn't returned my calls in months. I think he's seeing someone else and doesn't have the guts to tell me. That's what happens when two earthy bottoms ignore the fatal flaw in the relationship and still try to make a go of it. Eventually you both get tired of the lies.

SmSh: How did you get into stand-up and what was the best piece of advice you got about it that influenced you?

DS: To never give or take advice. You only end up telling people how to be more like you.

SmSh: What's the best thing about turning 50?

DS: Not giving a fuck. You could always pretend to not give a fuck or drink a fuck away. But when you truly no longer care, it's palpably different and freeing.

SmSh: We've heard you like booze. Are you going to try the deer penis wine in China while you’re here?

DS: No. No I'm not.


Shanghai Comedy Club presents Doug Stanhope this Thursday at Cages. Ticket are just about sold out for the show. Get yours here.


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