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Goodbye Shen; Hello 'Fellas' and Dada Gets Renovated
By Jul 6, 2016 Nightlife
Today in Bund Beat news, word on the streets is that cocktails-with-a-view lounge Shen is no more. Alas. In its current incarnation at least.

A dazzling gem in the Dada bar empire crown, the venue has switched managerial hands to the concerns behind popular Italo hang out, Goodfellas, right downstairs from them. Apparently, the street-side venue is partnering with the Shen team to re-brand, giving it a bit of a new look and new direction.

Also, in addition to the Shen re-brand, beloved Xingfu Lu dive bar Dada is also slated for some changes.

Details after the jump.


This is what's going on with Shen:

"Effective August 1, 2016, Shen will be known as "Fellas".

We've changed the food menu -- Italian, Pizza, Fresh Oysters -- and the wine list, with more of a focus on Italian wines. Cocktail menu remains (mostly) the same as Shen.

We've also made a (partial) management change, with the team from downstairs' Goodfellas joining us -- in the kitchen, and on service staff. Dinner will be available 6pm-10pm daily, and the bar hours are 5pm-2am daily.

Decor has been partially changed -- you'll notice the walls and the bar design are quite different! But the terrace and view and seating remain the same.

Shen is currently in transition to "Fellas" so bear with us while we polish up the finer points."

Interesting. Of course, it's a great location -- great cocktails, too -- and we're keen to see what they can come up with for dinner. Stay tuned.


Meanwhile, Dada Bar is also getting a make-over, although management is remaining the same.

Here's what's going on with Dada:

"After 7 years, we've decided it's time for a little fix up at Dada Shanghai.

We will be closed Sunday July 17-21 Thursday, re-opening Friday July 22.

We're moving the bar and the DJ booth, fixing the sound, changing some furniture and deco, scraping out some water damage, fixing toilets, etc. We're also going to have a new, improved menu soon. All the above will probably not be 100% done in one week, so expect the changes to be in full effect by our anniversary party August 26 Friday."

Huh. Interesting.

No word yet on whether the horrible guy in the wife-beater screaming at the foosball table and the drunk chick barfing on my shoes will be making the transition over to Dada 2.0.


(Just kidding, Dada bar. Love you forever!)

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  • 2 years ago ChunkyLover Unverified User

    Don't you dare paint over that sweet clip art wall décor at DaDa

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