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First Sip: That One Place, New Jing'an Dive

Jing’an is looking good this year, and the new hole-in-the-wall bar makes the district looking even better.
By Nov 27, 2015 Nightlife


Jing’an is looking good this year, and new hole-in-the-wall bar "That One Place" has the district looking even better. Located in the same alley as the Skull Candy offices and that hipster rib-‘n’-burger joint GumGum, they've got a TV and video games, plans for animation screenings, and on a recent Thursday visit, a small crew was playing Dungeons & Dragons on the terrace. It's that kind of vibe.

The dude running this place, Alex, calls this place a "crafty dive bar". Nail on the head, that description. Dude works as a brand rep for Widmer Brothers, Red Hook and Kona Brewing Co. All respectable breweries, these. Most beers hover around 40rmb, but they have a different bottle going for 20rmb every day.

Apparently a lot of companies shilling beer in China see two years as the cut-off point for being fit to sell. Alex says he won’t go sell anything over a year old and even that’s pushing it. They get most of the Portland beers in their fridge just a few short months after brewing. Signature cocktails are 65rmb, and they also do Italian style sodas, either virgin or with a shot. House pours are all 35rmb, all day. The Ole Smoky Tennesse Moonshine is worth trying, too.

It's like a dude's house, but the soundtrack is so low that you have to listen carefully to pick it out at times. If you do, you’ll hear retro jams by Hendrix, Black Sabbath and The Black Crowes. Not music that’s going to have everyone excited, but a nice match for this kind of spot.

The only constant in their kitchen is frozen pizzas, with the rest of the food on rotation like school lunch. Wednesday is pulled pork sandwiches day (which are killer). On Fridays, the BYFO guys stand outside grilling pork and lamb burgers. The new Caribbean delivery guys Two Jerks deliver batches of jerked chicken wings on Saturdays. And on Sundays, the Ruijin Cuijin ragers do their heart-attack-diet fare, Hurricanes included. Pork sandwiches and a deli-style lunch menu could become constants in the future, too.

The term "neighborhood bar" is a cliché at this point, but there isn't really a better way to describe That One Place. Along with My Place Ruin Bar just around the corner and District a few blocks south, we've got a real decent antidote to all that continental, bistro-style stuff just north on Wuding Lu. Nothing wrong with all that, but sometimes you just want beers, mates, and chill vibes.



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