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Five Shows: Big Week Of Live Rock, Punk, Metal, And Dead People Ahead…

By Jan 15, 2016 Nightlife


How about that Tori Y Moi show last night? Some really good moments (particularly when dude was getting funky on the keys instead of singing), some really wack moments, but overall a solid show by a tight, polished band. Great lighting. Weakest encore ever, though. You gotta come hard with the encore. Also, that girl climbing on stage and posing for a photo while flashing the peace sign, and then pouting and giving the thumbs down when the bass player kicked her off stage, that's poor form.

That said, here's five live shows coming up in the next week.

1. Fri @ Yuyintang: Centaurs Vol. 9: Girls, Gooooose, Naohai

Duck Fight Goose's Han Han's Centaurs experimental rock showcase returns. Traveling act Girls, joined by local noise makers Nonplus of Color, Gooooose, and Naohai -- shoegaze, experimental electronics, and more. 30 kuai cover. Starts 9.30pm. More about the night in this Music Monday.

2. Saturday @Yuyintang: GUIGUISUISUI, Round Eye, Jackanapes

Beijing zombie noise duo GUIGUISUISUI return to Shanghai as part of their latest nation wide tour and they're bringing their guitars, Gameboys, Diddly Board and alter-egos with them. An 8-bit driven opera blend punk, blues, noise and electronic music mingling with an animated journey through time and space, it's a trip in many senses of the term. Local heroes Round Eye and Jackanapes are set to join in the fun. Starts 9.30pm. 50rmb cover.

3. Sat @ Inferno: Happy Birthday Elvis Fest' w/Banana Monkey

The Elvis continues (why…?), with a night of live rock from classic Shanghai band Banana Monkey, new-ish outfit Parachutes on Fire (featuring members of Friend or Foe and The Fever Machine), and Chad Romero & The Cadillacs, plus DJ B.O. and some art by Beryl Chung and Basement6. Cover is 81rmb. Elvis aside, Banana Monkey is worth seeing. Says some of the organizers: "This is a cyber wavey, bizzaro birthday celebration of all things impersonated. We are expecting some rockabilly kids, illustrators, art fans and our usual crowd. It's weird, who cares." Goes from 9pm-late.

4. Wed @ Yuyintang: Career Suicide

Big punk show on Wednesday night down at 'tha Tang, as Canadian act Career Suicide play their first ever Shanghai show. The band has been around since 2001, and features two members of infamous act Fucked Up. Cover is only 50rmb at the door; 10pm start. We've heard "this band is really good." Recommended.

5.Wed @ Mao Live: Painkiller Fest 2016 w/Finntroll + Arkona

China’s biggest metal magazine and platform PAINKILLER host a huge line-up of international neo folk metal artists, including costumed viking demons FINNTROLL, Russia’s pagan metal all-starts ARKONA, and straight in from Shandong province, China’s own Tang Dynasty-inspired DREAM SPIRIT. A massive program of folk metal the likes of which China has never seen. Party like it’s 1066 AD. Or 885 BC. Or 2016 AD. Horns up, Painkiller. Tickets are 300rmb on SmartTicket.

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