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Friday: Freaky Party In A Massive KTV, With QT Performing Live…

By Nov 18, 2015 Nightlife


Finally! Some weird nightlife business that's not happening in a club. So this weekend is the ART021 Contemporary Art Fair, one of the better fairs of the year. For their opening party on Friday night, they've booked performance artist / energy drink / "digital persona" QT, whose debut single on XL Records got a 4.0 from Resident Advisor and then proceeded to completely divide the comments section. Shanghai artist Kim Laughton, who's been absolutely killing it recently, did some of the art for the QT concept as well.

…and this is happening in a KTV in Minhang, owned by art collector Qiao Zhibin. Supposedly the KTV has 100 rooms, a full theatre, a ton of contemporary art, and a lot of…employees. Judging by the Dianping comments, it does not sound like a typical KTV.

Looks like the party of the week. Doors at 9.30pm, QT performing at 11pm, then music by DJ Cavia and Esa. Tickets are free, but limited. To get them, you'll need to go to Bar No. 3 (great place), and pick up one of the temporary tattoo packs they've got laying there. Each pack has 11 tattoos, and each tattoo will get one person in the party. This is organized by Rawr! / THE PARTY, who have done events at YUZ and other art spots.

I like this idea. You have to work for your ticket, but you don't have to give up any personal data, or do anything for a big brand really. Technically QT is a brand (it is an energy drink, as well as a pop music character…), but more on that later. We just ate some crabs in the mall with QT and had an extended talk about products, reality, and energy drinks. Look out for the article coming later this week. Until then, here's a few preview pics of the KTV, via Dianping.

And if you're in Beijing, QT is performing at Dada Beijing on Saturday night.



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