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From The Vault: Breakbot Tells SmSh About 10 Of His Favorite Songs

By Apr 26, 2016 Nightlife


FYI, French disco-electro producer Breakbot is back in town this Wednesday night at Le Baron. Most people know him for one of the decade's most iconic tunes, "Baby I'm Yours", but he's released quite a bit of new material lately.

He came to Shanghai back in 2013 for a packed show at Arkham (hey look, we have pictures from that one) and was nice enough to tell former SmartShanghai editor Nick Taylor about his soundtrack to an imaginary day filled with crystal waters, hitchhikers, Prince, and driving in the sunshine.

Let's flash back to that classic article, right after the jump.


The Mix-maker: Breakbot is a French electro-disco dude signed to Ed Banger, home of Justice, Mr Oizo, Feadz and all of them. He's in town this weekend, DJing at Arkham with Irfane, the vocalist on his track Baby I'm Yours. Quite a big hit that one. Came out last year and charted in France.

He makes and plays really happy, poppy electro with heavy disco and funk influences. His bio puts it quite nicely, saying: Breakbot is basically Justice if they wrote songs about the beach and summertime and pool parties, instead of the whole epic religious vibe.

For SmartShanghai, he's put together this soundtrack to an imaginary day, from waking up and eating breakfast, to cruising down to the lake, to picking up horny hitchhiker and peeling off their clothes. Score. Lots of '70s tunes in here, and a nice overlap with Justice's selection, which we had up here last month.

So, headphones [and VPNs] on, you're driving with the top down by a lake of crystal waters...


1. Neil Young – "Old Man"

Breakbot says: "You wake up and want something that'll give you some juice for your journey today."


2. The Bee Gees – "Love You Inside Out"

Breakbot says: "This song is perfectly suited for your breakfast."


3. Justice – "On 'n' On"

Breakbot says: "You just got in your car, and put on the stereo."


4. Joe Walsh – "Things"

Breakbot says: "Have a break and just enjoy the beautiful lake view. You can leave the doors open and listen to this one."


5. Change – "A Lover's Holiday"

Breakbot says: "You are fully awake now and you probably want to groove, time for A Lover's Holiday"


6. Brothers Johnson – "You Make Me Wanna Wiggle"

Breakbot says: "You even start dancing while driving, because you're now listening to the Brothers Johnson. But be careful, driving and dancing can be pretty dangerous."


7. Prince – "Soft and Wet"

Breakbot says: "The light is fading and you just saw a beautiful hitchhiker on the side of the road. Before you let her in you call up this track and you might just get lucky."


8. Todd Rundgren – "Marlene"

Breakbot says: "Turns out she's called Marlene, and as a matter of fact you have THE song for her."


9. Kendrick Lamar feat. Dr. Dre – The Recipe

Breakbot says: "You drive her to the top of the hill, and you want her to know that you're a gentleman, but also pretty gangsta."


10. Linda Perhacs – "If You Were My Man"

Breakbot says: "You definitely got lucky this time..."


Breakbot & Irfane are at Le Baron on Wednesday, April 27. More info in the event listing.

Top and bottom photos by Pavel Shubskiy for SmartShanghai.



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