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Get It While You Can: The Mansion Is Closing for Renovations After This Weekend
By Jul 6, 2017 Nightlife
After a few months of hinting at it, popular youth outreach recreation center The Mansion is closing after this weekend to undergo renovations. Speaking with one of the managers of the venue Tommy Hendriks (I like to think of him as the "Rufio" figure. You know. From Hook), it sounds like they've got some ambitious plans: "We're going the rebuild the garden, the club, the first floor, and we're going to add a second floor, with some new features for The Mansion." Said new features might pertain to the more varied product they are looking to offer guests in the future vis-a-vis workshops, talks, and classes, and things not directly linked to getting smashed. Hendriks elucidated that the renovations would take a month and a half or so, and The Mansion will be returning in the last week of August. The last hurrah for this incarnation of the venue is this Saturday night with an all-night rager, ending off in everyone jumping in the pool at 8am... and then a pool party starts. Hah! Bless!


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