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Is The Shelter Closing?
By Jul 20, 2015 Nightlife
Rumors have been flowing for a long, long time now about the imminent "closure" of Shanghai's the world's coolest underground club, The Shelter. Welp, here's what's up with that…

They're closing for renovation on August 9 and re-opening on September 17. This comes after lots of speculation about their lease, which apparently they've renewed. "We aren't going to divulge what changes we will make just yet, but if all goes according to plan we think you will be pleasantly surprised", says manager Gareth Williams.

Oh? Pleasantly surprised, you say? Could that mean...CO2 canons and giant LCD screens? Bathrooms that rival the slums of Mumbai? A new soundsystem? Some ventilation?


Hard to predict. More info as we get it. Until then, enjoy the next few weeks in the bomb shelter -- a place that would gladly have real music and an empty dancefloor than cave to fads and accessible bullshit. There's a lot to be said for that. May they continue another seven years.

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  • 4 years ago plurmaster

    Ian lots of respect to you and not trying to be rude but there's no such thing as REAL music. Is there fake music? I think not but definately GOOD music and BAD music. Lots of people describ the music they like as REAL music and i find most who love house such as i does not agree that NEW progressive or EDM if you will are NOT REAL music. At the end of the day is all music..the difference is rather its good or bad. Again no pun intended and keep up with the good articles!

  • 4 years ago On_Theledge_

    Pls new sound system and dampening, The current setup has such bad coverage that there's only a few places to stand with half decent acoustics. Ventilation wouldnt be bad either, but ill miss that all engulfing damp aroma as you're entering.

  • 4 years ago shanghai_ultra

    Long live The Shelter!

  • 4 years ago moneylatem

    "If you have something you feel passionate about. It's not a job to make other people feel passionate about it." I laughed when I saw "the world's coolest underground club".

  • 4 years ago sal_hawk

    Large Up the Shelter. Looking forward to version 2

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