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Jailbreak: Scorpion Prisoner 69 EP Release This Friday

By Aug 30, 2017 Nightlife


We've been slacking on the Weekly Live Music Guide as of late -- I know, I know -- how will people ever find their way to either Yuyintang, Harley's, or Inferno without us to see a metal and / or post-rock band -- but finally, with the school year starting up again soon, some shit 'bout to go down. Upcoming Shanghai live music recommendations after the jump, heshers. Punk's not dead, y'all.


Two Friday Night Shows for Thought

on Fri Sep 1 2017

Scorpion Prison 69 EP Release Show

YYT - 851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance ...

Big one for local punk / hard rock fans down at Yuyintang this Friday night for the release show of Scorpion Prisoner 69's new EP, [CHINESE WORDS WHUT]. This one's a side (vanity) project from one of the dudes in local jazz-groove-punk fuckos Round Eye, with music and imagery inspired by Japanese women-in-prison exploitation film Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion plus an amusingly vitriolic Bund-hate revenge fantasy scenario. Know your enemy, children.

Musically, it's a beefy mix of '70s drunk dude riffage rock, straight-up anthemic punk choruses, and sludgier, classic NWOBHM-ish metal moments. Chugga, chugga. Thinking man's masturbation rock. Chin-stroking, stroke off music. The EP is available right now right here for streaming and purchasing, and you should hit up that show on Friday night for the in-person treatment. Supporting is all your local fav's -- Spill Your Guts, Dirty Fingers, and Alpaca -- all of which have forthcoming records coming out in the next few month, so prepare to have lots of new USBs sticks getting dusty next to your computer for the rest of time.

on Fri Sep 1 2017

The Royal Concept

MAO LH - 3/F, 308 Chongqing Nan Lu, near Jianguo Zh...

The other one on for Friday is the Phoenix-ish electro pop Swede-hearts The Royal Concept. You're way less likely to have your feelings hurt at this show than the above one, I can tell you that. Breakout hit for this band is “D-D-Dance”. Put on your red shoes and?

Check that hair out. Nice work boys. Love the high guitars too. Where's the flood guys? Lookin' JAUNTY.

Some Hot Looking Shit Upcoming in September

on Mon Sep 4 2017

Hardcore Legends D...O....Freaking A

YYT - 851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance ...

Canadian punk Rock legends DOA are returning to Shanghai, playing a show at YYT on September 4. Go to that or kill yourself. Talk minus action equals zero, y'all. Your Weekend Music Thing corespondent had the chance to see DOA on this very tour a few weeks ago in some bumblefuck town in Denmark and they're still bringing the goods. Interestingly enough, I also met a Holocaust denier in that very town on that very night!

But THAT is a story for another time...

on Sun Aug 27 2017

Battle Beast 2017 China Tour: Beast in the East Tour

YYT - 851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance ...

This band is coming. Battle Beast. (!!) September 24. Listen to this song. IT'S. AMAZING.

Sounds like Dio! But like... with Shakespeare writing the lyrics!




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