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JUE Festival 2016...Mei You. Jew Festival Happening Instead

By Dec 17, 2015 Nightlife


First cancelation of 2016 in before the buzzer! Split Works' annual JUE Festival, which has united musicians and artists across genres and venues for two weeks every March since 2009, is taking a fallow year in 2016. Split Works say "It is important to be clear that this is not a cancellation. JUE will return in 2017…we recently launched our Echo Park festival, and for the next 12 months, that needs our complete focus." Looking forward to an even better Echo Park in the fall.

With JUE out, DJ BO has stepped up with his "Jew Festival", which intends to bring together The Chosen People in Shanghai's music quadrant for two weeks of shows and DJ sets in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha, and Wuhan. You may remember BO from his "Fuck Cancer, Fuck CityWeekend" party back in 2013, and his DJ set at the CityWeekend relaunch party in 2015. I asked him about this Jew Festival, and he said:

"In the spirit of levity and unleavened bread, Jew Festival will putz around China celebrating Chosen arts and culture (within the reach of DJ B.O.'s WeChat contact list). Shocking to some, it will involve no financial component. Less surprisingly, it will produce as much long-lasting good as a Henny Youngman one-liner. Goyim welcome, as, let's be real, we're basically all secular, anyway."

There you go. Jew Festival starts on Feburary 26. More details as we get them.



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  • 4 years ago B.OStyle

    Confirmed events:
    February 26 - Girls Just Want to Have Fun 80's night @ Roxie w/DJ B.O
    February 29 - Hong Kong - with chosen people Junk! and DJ B.O, and also Planeta Lem and The Noise Revival Orchestra
    March 1 - Shenzhen - TBA
    March 2 - Guangzhou @ Hooley's w/DJ B.O, The Noise Revival Orchestra, Planeta Lem
    March 3 - Changsha - TBA
    March 4 - Wuhan @ VOX
    March 5 - Shanghai @ Harley's for British Mike's Music Bash w/Noise Revival Orchestra
    March 6 - Shanghai @ INFERNO for Punky Reggae Party (Lion of Judah reppin'): with Noukilla, Planeta Lem, Round Eye, PVA, The Noise Revival Orchestra, Laobang, Skinny Brown, DJ B.O, and more.
    More TBA!

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