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Jue Festival Lineup Released

By Feb 11, 2011 Nightlife


Promoting cadre Split Works have released their lineup for the 2011 Jue Festival, which is a several weeks, multi-venue, multi-media panopticon of music, art, theatre, and misc. It's occuring around Shanghai and Beijing from March 12 to April 3. Here's the relevant Shanghai dates for just the music and band bookings.

First, the bad news: GWAR, mayo.

Overall it's a smattering of floppy-haired Scandinavian modern pop rock (Hamiltonwave), with some Chinese pop rock, electro post whatever, folk and traditional, and a French electro-ish producer.

March 11 @ Yuyintang: We Save Strawberries, Huang Jie

March 14 @ Zhijiang Dream Factory: The Whitest Boy Alive

March 18 @ Yuyintang: The Besnard Lakes

March 18 @ The Shelter: Vitalic

March 25 @ Mao: Shanren

March 26 @ Mao: Abaji, Hanggai

March 27 @ Yuyintang: The Black Atlantic

April 1 @ Mao: Gala

April 2 @ Mao: World's End Girlfriend

Ticket prices are done per event, varying in price according to the whims of the market (I think), ranging between 50rmb and 180rmb. Click on the band to be transported as if by magic to their webpages. Individual info on the shows will be posted on SmartShanghai as soon as the listings prole gets around to doing it, which will ruin my Friday.

Update: And oh yeah, there's a TBC Maybe Mars showcase show in there somewhere, which is scads of Beijing bands from the MM stable, including probably Snapline, I would guess Birdstriking, but definitely not Carsick Cars, who are scheduled to be pedaling the wares at SXSW this year.

Correction: One of the dudes in Birdstriking is also now one of the dudes in Carsick Cars, so no Birdstriking. I'm placing bets on Av Okubo now. And lettin' it ride...



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  • Swirlcore

    Hamiltonwave FTW!

  • Der

    carsick cars is still hoping some indie blog in america will notice them

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