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Meiwenti Film Contest - Screening Party on Saturday

By Jul 3, 2012 Nightlife


Meiwenti’s 10th annual short film contest is officially over and so Meiwenti Productions,, Lelo, Plus Wines and The Geisha are hosting a screening to premiere and judge the submissions. It’s being held on Saturday in People Square at the Xinguang Cinema from 7-10.30pm and tickets are available to all. Afterwards if you head over to Geisha and show them your ticket stub you’ll get a free drink.

All the short films that made the final cut will be screened. What to expect? As long as the producers adhered to the “Femme Fatale” theme they were given total creative freedom. Some of the producers were complete novices to filmmaking; others had a bit of experience. According to Juan Vargas, the art director and strategist at Meiwenti, the final shorts are uncensored,

“cheesy, what-the-fuck, violent, artistic, and funny.”

Ten films will be shown, each eight-to-12 minutes long. They were all shot around our wonderful Shanghai, with the exception of one from Beijing. Only one film is in Chinese and all have Chinese and English subtitles. There will be an intermission at the event when audience members can talk about the films and rate their favorites -- one of the prizes given on the night will be a people’s choice.

Professionals working in TV production make up the main jurors. They will award prizes for best film, best actress and best actor and "femme fatale". There are also prizes for audience members, ranging from luxury pleasure toys from Lelo, to spa packages and bottles of wine. After-party is at Geisha and there's a bit of free booze involved.

You can get presale tickets here for 90rmb or 150rmb for VIP seats. On the door they are almost twice that: 170rmb and 230rmb for VIP. All tickets get you a compilation DVD; VIP includes a glass of wine.

We’ve put together a reel of movie posters for all the films that are being screened on Saturday, see it here.


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