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Today in Earthshattering Closures: el Coctel Is Done
By Jul 12, 2016 Nightlife
More sad news in Shanghai's ever evolving (imploding?) F&B industry. Beloved, long running cocktail bar el Coctel, opened by Shanghai-famous restaurateur Willy Trullas Moreno in January 2010, is now closed. For good.

An institution on Yongfu Lu -- the same street shared by The Apartment and The Shelter -- el Coctel was a trend-setting success story in the Great Cocktails Bar Explosion of the Early '10s, and roundly regarded in its prime as the best place to get a drink in the city. Alas, it is no more.

Details after the jump.


A representative of el Coctel tells us that the closing is due to a dispute with their current landlord. Apparently, they've had several leaks and other maintenance issues in the venue that went unresolved by the building's management in recent years. On top of this, the landlord then tried to double their rent. That wasn't going to fly and they've decided not to renew their contract. Thus, after six years, exeunt el Coctel stage left. We're still waiting on the official press release from the cocktail company, which should be released later today. We will update this post when we receive it.

In addition to el Coctel's closing, the rental contract also include the space for Willy's quirky hotdog shop Bikini, located downstairs. Yeah -- that's also closed.

Currently they've got no plans to relocate, but Willy's other cocktail bar el Ocho in Zhong Plaza is still running strong if you need a well-made drink.

Respect to an industry innovator. R.I.P. el Coctel.

For a trip down memory lane, here's SmSh's original "Radar" article on the venue written by Mr. Christopher St. Cavish in January '10.

[Ed's note: Goddamn, we're all getting old.]


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  • 3 years ago Unverified User

    Time to bolt for the door…before the door gets bolted...

  • 3 years ago casperXX

    Goddamn you are right...we ARE getting old...well...some of us ARE old..........

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