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Music From Shanghai: Boogatti Records Track Release
By Sep 24, 2014 Nightlife
So remember a few months back when those Boogatti kids threw a bunch of cash off the stage at Arkham and everyone learned their name? Well they're back. After that, they brought this Canadian producer named Pusher over to Shanghai, locked him in the basement, and forced him to make beats everyday. So, he's definitely in town. I've met him. Nice guy.

One fruit of that labor is Pusher's new track called "ABXY." That one is getting released for free this Saturday at The Mansion. The dude actualy studied jazz piano in college so he's got a knack for melody. He makes video-gamey bass music that I'm quite enjoying. Check out this little teaser video they put together ahead of Saturday's show.

And here's his Soundcloud for a bit more of his music. This one is particularly good. He's recently put out some tracks with Rusko and remixed Diplo too.
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