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Nanjing (International) Music Festival Line-Up Released
By Mar 30, 2011 Nightlife
Nanjing, which is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from Shanghai by train, is hosting their own rawk music festival from April 30 to May 2 -- the Nanjing (International) Music Festival. Or I think it's called the "Blossom" music festival, I would imagine in honor of the super fantastic NBC sit-com Blossom staring Mayim Bialik. Three days of live music in Nanjing with some of China's biggest names on stage -- Carsick Cars, Pet Conspiracy, SUBS, SMZB, AK47, Cui Jian -- along with some acts from Japan, the States, and beyond.

Here's the line-up of acts.

Tickets are a reasonable 200rmb, available here, and the train ride is easy peasy as well, so think about doing that if you like. We're still awaiting the info on their electronic stage, but it's being put together by Antidote, so expect plenty local knob-twiddling superstars.

[UPDATE:] On top of "urgent's" comment below, here's a link to the full list of electronic acts.

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  • Der

    I think the words of Joey Lawrence would describe this best, "Whoa!"

  • urgent

    Antidote line up for Nanjing INt'l Music Festival, DJ Stage, April 30-May 2
    (*not sure exact dates and time slots yet)

    AM444 [Live Set] featuring ChaCha
    Caliph-8 [Live Set]
    Drunk Monk
    Siesta + MC Stride
    LON [Live Set]
    Acid Pony + The Horses [Live Set + DJ set]

  • morgan

    From wikipedia: "In July 2008, Lawrence told TV Guide that he is working on a new album composed mostly of ballads."

    Where is that shit, Joey?

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