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Nicki Minaj Confirmed for Next Weekend, Part of Weird DWP Festival
By Nov 7, 2018 Nightlife
Holy holy holy holy shit. Nicki Minaj is coming to Shanghai. It's official. The tour dates are up there on the internets for all to see, as part of this strange DWP China 2018 festival that is happening next weekend (Minaj performs on Sunday the 18th). Strange, because they are either extremely secretive or extremely disorganized, especially given the caliber of artists they claim are coming, besides my lady, my queen, my Minaj: Luis Fonsi of Despacito (not confirmed anywhere on the net), DJ Snake (confirmed), Blasterjaxx (seriously, am I supposed to look up every artist for you?) and a couple others I don't know because I was born before the Y2K crisis. But can you afford it?

Tickets are 1,380 per day, which is, um, a little on the high side. Which is not unexpected right? The anaconda don't want none unless you got funds, hon. The rest of the festival? It's kind of foggy, kind of hazy. It's happening at the National Exhibition and Convention Center out west. There is a flyer floating around the internet. DWP's website is still Coming Soon, which, I don't know, maybe now, a week before the show, would be a good time to let that go live? But whatever. Nicki is coming, and that's really all you need to know.]

[UPDATE: SmartTicket is now selling tickets for both days! Luis Fonsi and DJ Snake are performing on Nov 17, and Nicki Minaj is performing in Nov 18.]

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  • 4 months ago GG103

    I like Cardi B more ;)

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